Expert Gabion Wall Builder On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Gabion Wall Builder

Sunshine Coast Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we meet all your retaining wall requirements. Given this, we build timber, concrete and gabion walls. Additionally, we create link block retaining walls. Our gabion wall builder on the Sunshine Coast serves residential and commercial property owners.

    We are proud of our superior designed and built retaining walls. Furthermore, we guarantee they will last for years. Our team consists of material specialists and retaining wall builders. They pay attention to our client’s needs and specifications.  

    Our unique gabions

    Australian Construction gabions are available in various configurations and sizes. Because of this, their modular design enables engineers, contractors and architects to build any size landscape feature or wall structure. We connect the panels with C-Rings or spiral wire.

    The gabion wall builder on the Sunshine Coast provides popular gabion designs like:

    Water & erosion control

    Additionally, they are useful for flood mitigation, bollards and sediment barriers. We manufacture extremely sturdy weld mesh panels. Hence, they withstand severe loads that rock infill experience.

    Gabion retaining walls

    Gabion baskets are cage-shaped, and all their sides are tightly closed. We create these baskets using galvanised hexagonal meshes. Alternatively, we use broken rock that we place inside the baskets. After this, our competent team builds the retaining structures. They do this by assembling gabion baskets correctly. This wall is another option for concrete structures in areas where soil stabilisation is essential.

    Other vital aspects of gabion retaining walls:

    • Solid structure: Gabion walls are very permeable. Given this, passing water does not damage them. Another wonderful aspect about it is that gabion walls’ efficiency increases with time. 

    The reason is the vegetation takes up spaces making the wall structure strong. Furthermore, soil movements do not affect the gabion walls negatively. As a result, it is beneficial as the structure becomes stiffer.

    • Long-lasting: When Australian Construction installs a retaining wall, you are assured of durability. Because of this, you do not have to worry about them for years. Additionally, there is no risk of rusting, warping or rotting.

    Similarly, gabion retaining walls sustain extreme outdoor conditions and weather changes. More importantly, these walls have a natural look. As a result, they blend well with the       surrounding. 

    • Natural strength: Because gabion walls are strong, they last for years. The reason is; first, they form a barrier that prevents soil erosion and facilitates soil stabilisation. Second, it stops washouts and sliding. Third, it enables water reduction and provides noise protection. 
    • Minimal maintenance: Our gabion wall builder on the Sunshine Coast builds durable gabion retaining walls. In effect, they need little care. Because of this, you do not need to repaint or clean them. 

    Also, it is not necessary to make them waterproof. Neither is it essential to enhance them in some way. When you use the ideal materials from Australian Construction, you have the assurance you will have less concern about upkeep requirements.

    Superior gabion retaining walls       

    Our main aim of gabion walls construction is stabilising the soil behind the wall. However, we also install it as a cover wall. Gabion baskets create this kind of wall. We stack the baskets in one row or more. The wall’s height largely determines this. 

    Century gabions

    We have many design possibilities, for example, multifunctional and modular. The gabion wall builder on the Sunshine Coast offers lovely features and urban landscapes. We establish them on commercial buildings and architectural cladding. Our designs and concepts have succeeded in many design platforms.


    At Australian Construction, our top priority is value and quality. Because of this, our clients recognise our quality services. Due to this, we have an increasing number of clients because of our positive testimonials.  

    We have a team of skilled staff that consists of tradespeople and management. Our staff upholds our superior techniques. As a result, they ensure our firm remains a leader in offering wall concepts. We also provide concrete retaining walls and retaining wall blocks.

      It will be our pleasure to offer our expert gabion building services to you today!