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Professional Gabion Wall Building Services In Sydney

    If you want to stabilise your property’s slope or contain erosion, then our gabion retaining wall is your solution. Our gabion wall builder in Sydney will build you retaining walls that will effectively decrease a slopes pitch and enhance an area’s appearance.

    Our expert team even uses them in creating a planter bed, casual seating, a water feature or a wall feature. We have various colour stones, and we can customise them to match other design features in your backyard.

    Advantages of our gabion retaining wall

    Numerous features make our gabion wall the ideal option. Some advantages are:

    • Our gabion wall builder in Sydney can design it for all sized projects.
    • They effectively control erosion.
    • Their drainage is effective, avoiding the challenge of water accumulation behind the wall that other kinds of retaining walls present.
    • They are long-lasting and durable.
    • We use them for various applications like seating, feature walls and garden beds.

    Building your gabion retaining wall

    It would be best if you left the gabion retaining wall job to an expert like Australian Construction. The reason is that most cities in Australia require a licensed retaining wall builder like us. It includes the stonemason, bricklayer, landscaper and builder. You might need to consult our structural engineer also if need be.

    Gabion baskets

    Do you want something exceptional like a new feature or retaining wall, pier or garden seat? If so, try out our famous new trend, the gabion baskets! Essentially, our gabion baskets are galvanised steel mesh panels that we secure together, forming a basket or ‘box.’

    Our experienced team places the basket in the position you want then we fill it with heavy material, mainly loose stone. We then shut the basket lid securely. A filled basket’s weight can work as a retaining wall or look excellent when viewed from all angles, as a garden seat or feature wall. We use all types of heavy material like recycled builder’s rubble, bricks, scrap steel or timber logs. 

    Australian Construction has completed many gabion wall building projects in Sydney. Today, we have various sized baskets available at affordable prices if you prefer to build them yourself. Our competent team would be please to guide you on how to develop and fill the baskets. It is simple and would be a fulfilling and appealing DIY project!

    Sydney has many beautiful illustrations of our gabion work. We have various suitable stones to fill your gabions like Limestone Spalls, Moss Rock, Ord River Stone and South-West River Stone. If you need our advice, you are welcome to contact us any time.

    The gabion building procedure

    Ground preparation:  If you have a completely flat block, it makes our work simpler; however, we still have to clear the vegetation from the fenced area, such as tree roots, stones and grass.

    If you have a low fence, we have to level the ground before aligning and filling the baskets. The levelling procedure is straightforward, and we do it using a lengthy piece of timber and a level.

    Concrete strip footings (reinforced): We follow the current Australian Standard for strip footing building. The concrete footings give the gabion fence a strong foundation for absorbing lateral and vertical loads.

    The gabion wall builder then installs the steel reinforcement horizontally inside the footing cuts. During this period, we also need to insert the steel columns deep inside the footing cut and secure it firmly to the wire basket’s structure.

    Lateral support: When working with a sheet form fence and the fence’s height is more than the fence width, lateral support is essential. The lateral support prevents the fence from distending outwards and also gives the fence bracing.

    Filling the fence:  We use all types of stone to fill the basket. The larger stones take more time when filling the baskets if you want a classic and orderly appearance. It is easy to work with small river stones, although they are more prone to ballooning, and extra lateral support may be necessary. 

    We use this filling method for mesh gabions: stone fill height of 400x400mm, install lateral support, stone fill once to 400mm height, and another lateral support installation.

    We do not carry out the lateral supports installation in one procedure because it can damage the mesh cage and lateral support.

    Engineering: For this kind of stone filled fence, our structural engineer needs to design and inspect it. Also, it is wise to hire a professional architect or building designer from Australian Construction to ensure that they cover all the aesthetic details.

    Gabion fencing

    Gabion fencing works almost precisely as gabion walls, but they have different objectives. In many cases, we use gabion walls as a retaining wall. It means that if you have a garden or landscape that is divided into levels, gabion walls help in soil and pebbles retention to avoid it spilling out to the lower level. But, we do not use gabion fencing to maintain a higher level but to separate spaces. 

    Gabion fencing is more challenging than constructing a wall because the material’s weight alone makes it dangerous and prone to toppling over. So, ensure that you engage our expert gabion wall builder in Sydney or a structural engineer with vast experience in this specific material.

    Are foundations necessary for gabion walls?

    Gabion structures, either fences or walls, do not require a concrete foundation. But, they work beneath the surface. Otherwise, because of their significant weight, they would topple over easily.

    Many factors determine how we build your foundation, for instance, the wall material, whether you are utilising it to fence or retain, the site subsoil’s condition, etc.  In case there is soft, peaty topsoil, we remove it and replace it with a more robust base course.

    For bedrock building, we use 25mm of the base course. Gabion is different because it does not need a concrete foundation.


    We design our Australian Construction gabion walls to last because they are flexible and can move with the surface. They are different from stiff materials like concrete that cracks with time, and gabions move and settle with the earth’s natural movement.

    You are welcome to explore all the options you have with our various custom and standard Australian Construction gabion products. 

    We can meet all your gabion wall building requirements, so talk to our experts now!