Highly Qualified Gabion Wall Builder In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Gabion Wall Builder

Toowoomba Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we build the best retaining walls. Moreover, we have extensive retaining wall experience. For this reason, our gabion wall builder in Toowoomba handles all types of soil landscape and application. Additionally, we have the experience, accreditations and skills you can trust. 

    We handle each process when building your gabion retaining wall. Our expert team undertakes the initial planning to the final touches. Therefore, you have peace of mind that we will complete your retaining wall fast and expertly. Moreover, we handle all kinds of projects, big or small.

    Post supported and freestanding walls

    Residential and commercial developments are increasingly using gabion walls as freestanding structures. We build them depending on their weight against the wind and pedestrian loading where footprint permits. Alternatively, we design them using internal steel wind support posts

    Our team bolts the wind support posts down to a concrete foundation.  Because of this, it restricts the structure’s width. These walls are utilised for security screens and architectural features. Additionally, we use them as noise absorption blockades.

    The gabion wall builder in Toowoomba uses a blend of the proper aggregate. Furthermore, we establish a planting routine if you prefer. As a result, these structures offer an excellent alternative to other customary building materials.

    Gabion landscaping

    Using gabion landscaping has gained fame in recent years. At Australian Construction, we install them in the form of different structures like:

    • Planters
    • Benches
    • Firepit
    • Steps
    • Partitioning walls
    • Water feature
    • Fencing and much more
    • Trapezoidal gabions

    We manufacture trapezoidal gabions to incline the rear and front panels. Our team assembles the units.  They then make the rear, front and partitioning panels and fixes them to the surface. To create the trapezoidal part, we base the partitioning panel width on the gabion unit’s maximum dimension. Sometimes we supply loose flap panels and fit them onsite. 

    Alternatively, we attach them to the verticals during building at their appropriate centres. We spin them to overlap the partitioning panels. Our team then connects them with an assembly system. As a result, it creates a positive link and trapezoidal form.

    Erosion Control

    Gabion mattresses and gabions have been in use for an extended period. They present a method for controlling erosion on inland watercourses. Because of this, they offer affordable and environmentally friendly solutions. Water is a strong force. So we design protection schemes properly to prevent a potential failure.

    Erosion protection schemes mainly need flexible units. Therefore it is best to use the Australian Construction hexagonal woven wire mesh gabion mattresses. You can use gabion mattresses as channel linings or sloping revetments. Also, we use them for scour protection or bed protection. Mainly this design depends on historical use.

    The mattress aims to decrease the stream’s water velocity as the depth rises. Given this, the bed interface’s velocity does not relocate the soil particles. As a precautionary step, we always fix a geotextile separator membrane. It has a pore whose size is tinier than the soil particles. We always place it beneath the mattress. Also, we utilise a non-woven geotextile grade.

    Woven mesh gabions

    The gabion wall builder in Toowoomba uses a mesh to create hexagonal woven mesh gabions. This mesh features a hexagonal opening. We create it by winding wire pieces together with 1 ½ turns. At times it is called a double or triple twist. It is a continuous kind of mesh product. Our team guillotines the mesh to create panels. They then wrap the cut wire ends around a thicker wire, creating a selvedge end.


    Our gabion wall builder in Toowoomba aims to give you various materials. Because of this, you can choose your retaining wall design. Our skilled team will be happy to talk about your available options. More importantly, we make sure they are ideal for your landscape style. 

      Talk to us today for the best gabion building services in Toowoomba!