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Wagga Wagga Gabion Wall Builder

Wagga Wagga Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction is an expert and top gabions manufacturer. Our range includes gabion baskets and twisted gabion. Moreover, our gabion wall builder in Wagga Wagga offers mattress and welded gabion. We use them extensively in river training and civil engineering.

    Besides, our company supplies twisted or woven gabion as well as gabion baskets. They are widely used in civil engineering and river training. Moreover, we use soil erosion control. Also, we use them as embankment reinforcement in residential and commercial areas. For this reason, our company has supplied gabions for years. Therefore we have the expertise and qualifications to offer you the best gabion solutions in Wagga Wagga.

    Gabion walls

    Making riverbanks safe and your property beautiful.

    The Australian Construction gabion walls are different. It depends on different terrains. Our options include triangle, trapezoid, rectangle or other unique shapes. For residential areas, our gabion wall builder in Wagga Wagga provides rectangle and vertical retaining walls to residential areas. Moreover, we use these products on-road and exterior walls of buildings.

    Primarily we use stack up steps for embankment slopes or landscape fence for soil protection. We use loose stones to fill gabion cages. Given this, it provides sufficient space to dispel water flow. Furthermore, the gabion wall body’s deformability can withstand unexpected external impacts. 

    As a result, this structure drops the water table effectively. Likewise, it reduces groundwater pressure. Gabion wall plays a vital role in controlling landslide and mudrock flow. 

    Benefits of gabion wall

    • The gabion builder in Wagga Wagga installs easily and fast. Therefore, we guarantee permanent and temporary applications.
    • We build different shapes depending on the ground movements. 
    • Our gabions are an affordable choice.
    • We provide stainless steel wire. Additionally, we offer galvanised and PVC coated wire

    Welded gabion

    Our welded gabion offers a solid guard for numerous areas.

    The gabion builder in Wagga Wagga builds welded gabion by welding longitudinal and transverse wires. We build them at every intersection. Because of this, we create dimensionally stable panels and a grid. Our competent team uses spiral steel wire to tie two adjacent panels together. 

    You can find gabion box along riverbanks and road. Also, they feature retaining walls, highways or gardens. Galvanised wire is a popular option for many applications. We use thick zinc coating (corrosion–resistant) to separate external environments from interior steel wire. Moreover, Australian Construction uses stainless steel wire to prolong life expectancy.


    • The gabion builder in Wagga Wagga presents it in different shapes. Hence it alters with ground movement.
    • We install on site quickly.
    • Moving water does not wash away welded gabion.
    • Our welded gabion decorates your yard, garden and property.
    • We provide tailored shapes and sizes for particular order.

    Strong gabion baskets

    Giving you longer services

    We provide gabion baskets as either a wire container or a big cage. Our experienced team connects parts of twisted wire mesh into a rectangular shape. Alternatively, we use welded wire mesh for this. Then we place the stone inside the cage. We install the gabions onsite. For this reason, it facilitates transportation and decreases cost. The gabion can contain gravel, stone or sand. 

    We often use PVC-coated galvanised, galvanised and stainless steel in gabion baskets. These materials do not rust in corrosive and damp surroundings. Ensure you take care to avoid breaking the protection layer after installation.

    Our gabion wall builder in Wagga Wagga uses gabion baskets in retaining walls. Similarly, we use them in residential and commercial areas. Besides, we use them for slope reinforcement. The reason is that this product has excellent flexibility and is cost-effective. More importantly, it is durable and absorbent.


    Our professional team at Australian Construction has vast experience in gabion products. Because of this, they give you advice about our gabion mattress and gabion retaining wall options. So, call us today and inform us about your gabion needs.

      It will be our pleasure to give you our expert services!