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Wollongong Gabion Wall Builder

Wollongong Gabion Wall Builder

    If you want gabion stone, you can rely on Australian Construction today. We are rockwork specialists in Wollongong. Our gabion wall builder in Wollongong is proud to customise our retaining walls. Therefore, we meet your precise needs.  Regardless of the style, colours and materials, you want we can deliver.

    Australian Construction provides lovely customised walls. Furthermore, they are unique! You might require a small residential building. Or perhaps you want a big commercial retaining wall. Notwithstanding, our competent team will deliver. After all, a wall that does not serve its purpose is not helpful. 

    Do you need to prevent slopes from eroding? In this case, Australian Construction has the solution. Our customised walls meet these purposes and more. In addition, the walls add beauty and style to your surroundings. Where retaining wall stones are concerned, the gabion is ideal. We have used gabion for many years, and their uses are unlimited. Our skilled team uses metal baskets and then fill them with gabion stone.

    Retaining wall stone

    It is easy to install retaining stone walls. Gabion stone baskets are natural. Moreover, they are simple and attractive. We use gabion stone baskets for casual seating and retaining walls. Additionally, our gabion wall builder in Wollongong uses them for feature walls, vertical gardens and veggie patches.

    Gabion walls, fences and retaining walls

    A gabion wall has become increasingly popular as a fencing solution. Our gabion wall builder in Wollongong implements them in commercial and residential landscape settings. Likewise, we use them for effective erosion control. We also utilise them in major infrastructure projects. For example, we use them in projects like highways, bridges and railway.

    Various wire cages hold the rocks firmly to create a robust retaining fence or wall.  The wire cage enables a gabion wall to maintain its shape. Similarly, it retains its structural integrity. Because of this, it is wise to choose high quality welded steel wire panels for creating your mesh cages or gabion baskets.

    Gabion wall

    Australian Construction gabion walls provide numerous options for character landscaping. Our competent team uses gabion walls to form an attractive statement next to your property driveway. A gabion retaining wall is ideal for your backyard. It defines a bank or separates parts of your garden.

    Gabion walls are also wonderful additions to the patio area. Moreover, they present lovely surroundings for seating. Alternatively, you can utilise a low garden border. Also, you can use a section of a water feature. Under these circumstances, they create the ideal setting for a strong letterbox. We have endless possibilities for gabion walls usage.

    Retaining walls

    Why they are becoming so famous

    A gabion retaining wall is an extremely effective method of controlling erosion. Also, it increases your property’s space.

    Good drainage makes gabion walls helpful.

    There are spaces between the rocks. Hence, it prevents the accumulation of pressure from trapped water. It mainly happens with other kinds of retaining walls. Australian Construction gabion wall designs are highly flexible. 

    Given this, they are suitable for all sized projects. For example, they are useful for major and minor projects. Moreover, a gabion retaining wall looks very lovely. We have various natural rock textures and colourings. Of course, they are rock-solid. Together with this, they are exceptionally durable. Therefore, they are an affordable choice for any retaining wall applications.


    We use retaining walls to stabilise embankments and support steep blocks. Also, our retaining walls add visual interest. Besides, they make use of sloped areas. Essentially we use retaining walls to stop soil lateral pressure. 

    It happens when a construction job needs variation in ground elevation. At Australian Construction, we specialise in installing retaining walls. Not only are they durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

      For great quality and use of superior materials, get in touch with us today. We promise to deliver quality gabion structures!