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How To Properly Hire An Adelaide Highrise Building Maintenance Team

    How should you hire your local highrise maintenance contractor in Adelaide? Are there some things you need to know before making a decision?

    Yes, there are. Here at Australian Construction, we are going to give you some tips about how to hire a contractor. In the end, you should be equipped with a checklist and use it to make an informed business decision.

    Why hire a contractor? 

    At first, you may think it is better to have an in-house facilities department. This sounds good, but their capabilities are limited. In this section, let us talk about the different benefits of hiring a contractor.

    1. Expertise

    Contractors have the expertise that your typical employees do not have. While it is easy to find someone who will clean your toilets and do basic plumbing and electrical work, it is not easy to fix serious problems.

    Like what? Here are a few examples:

    • Window cleaning – you need special rigging to ensure that the person cleaning the highrise windows is safe from harm.
    • Plumbing and electrical – there has to be a regular maintenance schedule and check-up for your entire system. Engineers and specialists are the best ones to do this to ensure that you are still compliant with government expectations.
    • Fire alarm systems – contractors like us who specialise in fire prevention systems are the only ones qualified to fix and maintain your fire sprinklers and defence systems. We also know what to expect, and you can rest assured that once we are done, your building will be compliant with building codes.  

    2. Cost-savings

    Hiring a contractor to do the maintenance is far less expensive than having to spend money on replacement and repairs.

    If your HVAC systems, rooftop, walls, and concrete floors are maintained, you will be able to reach their maximum longevity. As such, you will be able to prevent an untimely restoration.  

    3. Government compliance 

    Earlier, we touched on government compliance. The government has a building code, and you have to comply with all of the expectations outlined therein.

    Your employees may or may not have knowledge of what these codes are. They may know some, but not all. Specialist contractors like us know all the expectations, and we keep ourselves abreast of any changes with the law.

    These are the three main reasons why you need to hire a contractor. Surely, there are more benefits to be had than to entrust your entire building maintenance operations to your employees.

    Tips for hiring an Adelaide highrise building maintenance contractor

    Now, let us talk about the qualifications you have to look for from a contractor. There are many contractors out there, but not everyone provides the same level and quality of service.

    1. License

    The first thing you have to look for from a contractor is a license. There are many contractors out there, but you must only deal with a group that has a license to operate.


    Because a license is an indication that the business is legitimate. A license comes from the government. Before the government issues this to an entity, the organisation must have met what the government requires.

    A licensed contractor is a registered contractor. You have the assurance that they took the right educational path to do this job. A license also tells you that the contractor knows the standards that the government expects.

    If the contractor is licensed, it is also highly likely that the contractor is bonded and insured. The bond guarantees that the contractor cannot get paid unless they deliver what is expected of them. Insurance, on the other hand, is protection against liabilities.

    2. Experience

    You must only work with contractors who have been doing this for years—at least five years. This gives you the guarantee that the contractor knows what to do and that they have been exposed to all sorts of problems in the building maintenance industry.

    Australian Construction has been around for many years—20 years. Our highrise maintenance contractor in Adelaide has had exposure to all sorts of problems that can arise from building maintenance activities. As such, we can take the appropriate action to prevent and even fix these problems.

    3. Reputation 

    The last thing you have to check its reputation. You must only work with a contractor who keeps his commitment. Since we are talking about building maintenance, you have to do some digging to find out if the contractor does a good job in all facets of this task.

    What we recommend that you do is to ask some people you know for contractors that they have already worked with. Check if the contractor has fulfilled their obligations.

    You can also go online to review sites like Trust Pilot, and then investigate if the company you are eyeing has a positive or negative reputation. Another option you can take is to go to social media groups.

    We at Australian Construction possess all these qualifications. We are experts in all areas of the construction business. The good thing about doing business with us is that we not only maintain your building, but we also have the capability to restore and repair any system that has an issue. 

    Summary: Adelaide highrise building maintenance

    Hiring a contractor is a critical step in making sure that your building is functional and fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia. We strongly suggest that when you hire, choose an organisation that can fulfil the requirements we have outlined.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction. We have been in the construction business for over 20 years. We do not only build, but we also maintain structures. We are adept at all facets of the construction industry, and building maintenance is just one of our specialities.

    Contact us, and we will give your site an ocular inspection. From there, we will be able to assess what needs to be done, and we will present a plan that will show you the frequency of the maintenance, and which systems of your building will be covered. Our highrise maintenance contractor in Adelaide is waiting to hear from you!