Highrise Maintenance In Darwin – Your Maintenance Needs Covered!


Top Darwin Highrise Building Maintenance Services That You Need

    Building maintenance is a crucial aspect of your operations. You have to clean the windows, make sure your fire systems are working, and a whole lot more. To do this right, you need your local highrise maintenance contractor in Darwin.

    But what exactly should the contractor be doing? Here, at Australian Construction, we will provide you with some of the most important building maintenance services that you need for your highrise.

    1. Window washing

    Window washing and cleaning must be done regularly. Having an employee do this is only effective on the inside, but not on the outside. If you are going to clean the window outside, you have to ensure that the person doing it is qualified.

    There are several methods to do this, but it is best that you hire a professional. One common method is to use water jets. These are pressure washers, but they can only reach certain heights. Another method that is commonly used is ropes, but this is dangerous and not as effective as the cradle.

    The cradle is the most effective one, but it requires a complicated rigging structure. It is also dangerous, and if the rig is not installed correctly, it can fall and cause a casualty.

    At Australian Construction, we can provide the most effective means of washing your windows on a regular basis. We will also take care of providing the necessary equipment to facilitate the cleaning process.

    2. Weatherproofing and waterproofing

    These two things are done on schedule before harsh weather comes. For one, you need to make sure that your windows are insulated.

    Every so often, joints on windows and doors will crack. You need experts who can tell whether they will need to be replaced or not. At Australian Construction, we are proud to say that we have experts in joint sealing. We will take a look at the joints of your windows, doors, and even your concrete to find out if there are cracks.

    Waterproofing is also necessary for your baths and toilets. If they are not waterproofed, they will cause leaks. The basement will also need some checking. Leaks are the number one enemy of structures, even if they are not made of wood.

    Water can seep through concrete. And if this happens, the concrete will get weak. Water is also the number one enemy of metal, as it causes oxidation, turning the metal into rust.

    Waterproofing is a process that is complex. Not all waterproofing materials are suitable for all types of purposes. To get this done right, the contractor must understand the weather conditions in your area all-year-round.

    From this analysis, we can determine the best waterproofing compound to use. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a commercially available caulk will fix everything—you have to use the right materials for the right purpose.

    3. Electrical maintenance

    Third on our list of the top highrise building maintenance services that you need is electrical maintenance. Highrise buildings typically have back-up power sources—generators that can provide power for the whole building if there is a power outage.

    Systems like these are complicated, and there is a need to regularly check if they are functional, or if there is a need to do repairs.

    From electrical outlets to fuse boxes to wirings, there has to be a maintenance schedule for your entire electrical system. Apart from making sure if they work, we also have to ensure that none of these systems are likely to cause a fire hazard.

    And speaking of fire, we also maintain and replace fire sprinkler systems. Fire prevention maintenance is not an option—the Building Code of Australia requires it. You have to hire a contractor who is licensed to do your fire safety inspection, along with your electrical system safety inspection.

    We at Australian Construction can do both of these. It is at this point that we’d like to mention our license. We operate under the Building Code of Australia. As such, you have a guarantee that the work our highrise maintenance contractor in Darwin does is in compliance with government expectations.

    4. Plumbing maintenance

    The last service that you certainly need is plumbing. Pipes can get clogged, and regular maintenance is the only way to prevent the situation from getting worse.

    If your buildings pipes are clogged, the pressure will build up, and you will experience flooding. Your tenants will complain, and you might end up having to spend a lot of money paying for damages and repairs.

    Apart from checking the pipes for clogs, you must also have someone check for leaks and repair them. While some leaks can be easily managed by a resident plumber, there are some cases where you need contractors.

    At Australian Construction, we can also provide services for your water tanks. We fabricate tanks, repair and refurbish liners, and also repair corrosion.

    Overall, we can offer you a complete plumbing maintenance package. We can include this in our service of work agreement, and your plumbing system will receive regular check-ups and repairs.

    Make sure you hire a licensed plumbing contractor like us. Highrise buildings work differently from homes. Buildings have different pressure systems for the water to come up to the top floors, and only a qualified plumber can spot why there is a problem.

    Lastly, your basement is also a critical area, especially if you have a laundry. At Australian Construction, we will ensure that all areas where water is used heavily, will remain leak-free.

    Summary: Darwin highrise building maintenance

    Give us a call at Australian Construction now, so that we can discuss your needs. One of our specialists will schedule a consultation with you, and we will also schedule a day when we can visit your site. Once we get there, we can discuss in detail what your requirements are, as well as do a site inspection.

    From here, we will give you a plan on how often we will do the maintenance activities, and what specific services you can expect from our highrise maintenance team in Darwin. We will also provide you with a quote for our service, and then we can go from there.