Professional Highrise Maintenance Team On The Gold Coast


How To Hire The Right Gold Coast Highrise Building Maintenance Contractor

    Maintaining a highrise building is not easy. While there are some aspects that you can entrust to the usual facilities management team, there are some things that only contractors can do. This is why you need your local professional highrise maintenance contractor on the Gold Coast.

    Examples of various maintenance needs that your highrise will require include electrical issues, plumbing, wall cleaning, clogged gutters and pipes, and many more. So how will you hire the right contractor? Here at Australian Construction, we will share some tips with you on how you can do this.

    Choose a contractor with adequate experience

    Maintaining a building is not as simple as sweeping and mopping. It requires a lot of experience from someone, and this is why you need a group of experts like us.

    Earlier, we mentioned a few aspects of building maintenance. The truth is that no single person can undertake the full spectrum of maintenance activities. You are better off working with a group that has been doing this for years.

    At Australian Construction have been in this industry for over 20 years. Building maintenance is something we offer because we have expertise in all facets of the construction business.

    Here are some examples:

    We not only maintain the building, but we are qualified to do repairs and even build where required. Our advice is that you should only work with a highrise building maintenance contractor who has been in the business for at least five years.  

    Choose a contractor who has a license

    Yes, contractors are required by law to register and get a license. While there are many people who operate without one, you are better off siding with the law. We at Australian Construction are fully licensed in all areas of engineering and construction work that we do.

    A license is granted to someone who has passed the requirements of the government. The contractor must be able to prove that he has the right education and that he understands the Australian Building Code. The same principle applies to engineers—different types of engineers have to secure different types of licenses.

    A license is a proof that the contractor is compliant with the law, and is not a fly-by-night contractor. A licensed contractor is also likely to be bonded and insured. A bond is like our security ticket. The contractor will not get paid unless he or the group deliver what is written on the service agreement contract.

    Insurance serves protection against liability. Despite all efforts to keep employees and buildings safe, some accidents can happen, and insurance will protect both yourself and the contractor from liabilities.

    Choose a contractor who has proven credibility

    Credibility refers to the capability of the contractor. A license is one proof of credibility, and reputation is another.

    When choosing a highrise maintenance team on the Gold Coast, you have to check if that team has a positive reputation. You can do this by asking some of your colleagues in the industry, or by checking for their reputation online. There are websites out there like Trustpilot where you can ask for reviews. You can also check on Facebook and other social media channels.

    Another thing that can help you decide is the professionalism of the contractor. Do they know what they are talking about? When you visited their premises, is it cleanand well maintained? Surely, you do not want to hire them for building maintenance if their own building is dilapidated, right?

    You must also ask yourself how they treated you. Did they give importance to your business? Were they eager to answer your inquiries? Professionalism goes a long way, and if the contractor is not professional at the get-go, do you really think they will deliver a good job?

    Even if they do, the last thing you want is to deal with a contractor with behavioural issues, such as showing up late, or delaying your maintenance activities, as these things can disrupt your operations.

    Choose a contractor that has the right equipment 

    A contractor for highrise building maintenance will never be able to fulfil his job without the right equipment. No, we are not talking about bathroom brushes, but big rigs such as cradles that the people will use to clean windows.

    If a contractor asks you to fund the equipment, you need to start thinking twice. This is an added cost to you. Ideally, the contractor must already have all the equipment they need before signing a contract with you.

    For example, you cannot expect to buy motorized ladders just so you can clean high areas in your lobby. The contractor must be able to provide this equipment.

    Depending on the maintenance services you are paying for, big rigs are not the only issue. Contractors must have their own devices to check your plumbing, electrical, sewage, and many other systems.  

    Here at Australian Construction, we have a complete set of equipment, and we are constantly replenishing and updating this as new technology arrives. For example, we have remotely-operated vehicles that we use, to investigate inside tanks. With this, we no longer have to risk the lives of divers.

    Summary: Gold Coast highrise building maintenance

    If you have questions, give us a call at Australian Construction. We will help you any way we can. An engineer or highrise building specialist will speak with you to understand your needs. We will also schedule a visit to your site, and start discussing some plans once we get there.

    We have been in the construction and building maintenance business for over 20 years. You can rely on our expertise in many facets of the construction industry. Once our ocular inspection is done, our highrise maintenance team on the Gold Coast will provide you with a package of our services.

    This package includes the planned activities, the expected results, the frequency of the services, and the costs. From there, we can further discuss how we will go about the services you want us to provide.