Top Tier Home Renovations On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Home Renovations

Sunshine Coast Home Renovations

    Before you avail of home renovations on the Sunshine Coast, you need to know the processes involved. There are steps that contractors have to follow before the project finally gets completed.

    Today, we at Australian Construction will provide you with these steps. In the end, you can use this as a guide when you are dealing with contractors. This information should prepare you for the things that you should expect for your home renovations project.

    Planning Phase

    The first step about home renovations on the Sunshine Coast is planning. Part of this is the consultation where we will talk about the things that you want. For example, we need to know if you are only looking forward to partial renovation or if you want to renovate the whole house.

    Once we understand your vision, the next step is to go to the drawing board. We will involve our engineers, architects, and interior designers. Once the plan is ready, we will present it to you for approval.

    Preparation Phase

    Here, we will start buying the materials that we need. From the concrete to the nails to the flooring, we will start making purchases.

    The purchase is not done at the same time. We will buy them as we progress. For example, we will buy wall panels first if that is the first step in the plan.

    Do not worry about the source of these materials. We have local and global contacts who can provide us with everything that we need.

    Demolition Phase

    Once we get here, we will start dismantling your home. What we will do is to remove the unwanted parts.

    The process of home renovations on the Sunshine Coast will depend on what you need. If it is a bathroom renovation, then you may not be able to use your bathroom for several days. There are different ways we can go with this if you really need the bathroom, so we will discuss this during the planning phase.

    Part of the demolition job is the clean-up. We will take care f this r you. Just let us know what to discard and which parts of the house you want to keep.

    Construction Phase

    This is the part where we actually begin work. In the construction phase, we will build the walls, floor, and also prepare the substrate for paint. The length of the entire construction process depends on the kind of job that you want.

    Before we begin this, we need your final approval for the design. We are not saying that you cannot make changes during the construction process, but these changes will be limited.

    Turnover Phase

    The last step is to hand over the finished home. In this phase, the house is ready for use. All we have to do now is to bring back your furniture.

    It is also during this phase where we will do touch-ups. If there are areas that you want to improve, we can do them, provided that they are minor repairs.

    From here, we will wrap up the contract and payments, and then you can start enjoying your newly renovated home.  

    Summary: Home Renovations on the Sunshine Coast

    These steps are the high-level ones. Each phase has its own complexities, and you need to be involved in all of them. If you have a question about these things, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    You can also schedule a meeting with us. We will do an ocular inspection of your home. You will discuss your goals with us, and then we will use our expertise to present you with options. From there, we will create plans for your approval before we start with the project.