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Types Of Townsville Home Renovations Contractor

    Not all homeowners have the same thing in mind if they want to remodel their homes. Some only want to renovate the bathroom, while some have a bigger project. Before you hire a home renovations contractor in Townsville, make sure that you look for the right one.

    Here at Australian Construction, we will show you the different types of construction specialists that you can rely upon. Since not all have the same expertise, you should be able to match the right contractor for the job that you are trying to get done.

    1. Room-specific contractors

    The first kind of home renovation contractor that you will find is one that specialises in specific rooms only. For example, a contractor may only work on bathrooms. Some will only work on bedrooms or living rooms?

    Why is this?

    You see, houses are built with different materials. Some contractors think it is best to only concentrate on one area. A bathroom, for one, has several fixtures. There are different tiles for bathrooms, and then you have faucets, toilets, and so much more.

    Sometimes, these contractors are called general contractors. They will not take on any home remodelling project that will have an impact on the structural integrity of the house. They are your best option if you are merely trying to improve the aesthetics of a few rooms.

    2. Design-build contractors

    The second kind of contractor is also a general contractor, but they also specialize in architecture. They are great if you have a small space—they can turn it into a magical paradise. Contractors like these are also the ones you call for major home remodelling projects, even if there is a structural change.

    Design-build contractors, like us, are usually medium-sized to large-sized companies. These contractors can do all facets of home construction. With this kind of construction company, you can expect to have a lot of services fulfilled for your home.

    Here are some of the things that the home renovations contractor in Townsville can do for you:

    • Demolition – we can demolish the entire property or just a part of it; demolition is done by engineers.
    • Plumbing – we do plumbing systems not just for houses but also for commercial spaces.  
    • Floor preparation – if your floor is made of concrete, we will sand it and grind it. The purpose of this is to prepare the floor for the final coat or layer, such as tiles or epoxy resin.
    • Timber floor installation – whether it is engineered timber or real timber, we can install it on your floor.
    • Rendering – your walls need to be waterproofed, and one of the ways to do this is with cement rendering, which we can also do.

    As you can see, we are flexible. Our home renovations contractor in Townsville can do home construction for all kinds of work you can think of. As a licensed company, we guarantee you that we are qualified and that all the things we do are compliant with the Building Code of Australia.

    3. Home addition contractor

    This is the last on our list. Like the room specialist, this one focuses on an area of home remodelling, which is to add an extension to your house. Some home remodelling contractors do not offer a design service.

    They do not have a resident architect. The normal process for this is to hire an architect, and then give the blueprint to the contractors so they can build the home extension.

    How should you choose a contractor? 

    There are some important aspects that you have to check before you decide to hire a contractor. Read our tips below:

    • License – a license is critical. You should never work with anybody who is not licensed. A licensed contractor simply means that the contractor is a legitimate business. If the contractor is licensed, it is also likely that the contractor is bonded and insured. This puts you in a good position because the contractor will not bail out, and will also take accountabilities for any accident.
    • Experience – experience is a key factor in the success of your home renovation project. Do not work with a contractor who has not yet worked in this industry for at least five years. Why? Experience is what makes a contractor company efficient and effective. Australian Construction has been in this business for over 20 years, and we can say that we have seen it all.
    • Reputation – make sure you ask around before you sign a contract. The last thing you want is to work with a contractor who has a bad attitude towards you. Also, you want a contractor who does the job right.

    One last thing we want to add here is specialisation. It is always better that you choose a design-build contractor like us. The logic behind this is that a design-build contractor knows everything. As a design-build contractor, we understand structural integrity.

    Furthermore, we also understand how one activity can impact the other. For example, if you hire a different contractor for a living room or kitchen remodelling only, they may not know how waterproofing works.

    With us, we also do waterproofing services and many other things. If we do the cement rendering, we know how it will impact the aesthetics of your home. As you can see, our experience can help us put all these activities and turn the results into one cohesive unit.

    Summary: Townsville home renovations contractor

    Think carefully about the extent of your project. From there, decide whether you want a complete construction expert or those that specialize only on renovating specific aspects of your home.

    Luckily for you, our home renovations service in Townsville is an expert on many facets of home renovation. It also able to do large-scale or industrial grade construction. Give us a call and one of our specialists will be happy to speak with you to discuss your needs. We will try to understand the scope of your project, and then we will schedule an ocular visit.

    After our visit, our team will work on a quote and a plan. From there, we will deliberate and then negotiate about the price. Once we have agreed on a final plan with you, we can then proceed on renovating your house.