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    At Australian Construction, we are a committed cleaning business. We focus on our clients’ needs and are passionate about our industrial cleaning in Ballarat. Because of this, we ensure we give you a customised and friendly service to keep your premises clean. 

    Our staff is thoroughly trained and educated. As a result, we ensure we give our customers certified and qualified cleaners. Moreover, if needed, we offer audit and inspection services to our clients. Our supervisor checks all client premises regularly. Therefore they ensure our company delivers quality cleaning. In general, our supervisor relays any special requests or faults to our cleaning staff. Hence it facilitates fast follow-up.

    Cleaning services

    Australian Construction undertakes commercial cleaning. We handle industrial cleaning services in Ballarat. Furthermore, we are specialists in cleaning factories, schools and supermarkets. Also, we clean sporting clubs, dental and medical clinics and department stores.

    We can arrange a comprehensive cleaning service. It includes waste removal and maintenance. Likewise, we handle your cleaning needs regardless of the size. Our skilled team specialises in window cleaning and floor polishing. Besides, we have essential equipment like buffers, auto scrubbers, power sweepers and high-speed burnishers.

    Because we are flexible, we customise packages to suit different sites. For this reason, we deliver site-specific services. Our company also cleans solar panels. For this process, we use a boom lift, scissor lift or scaffolding contractor

    Industrial cleaning

    Industrial cleaning in Ballarat is necessary for extreme situations. For example, you may experience toxic chemical spills, a sewerage leak or severe hoarding damage. Under these circumstances, you should consider environmental codes and health risks. Leave these risky jobs to experts like Australian Construction.

    Our expert team in Ballarat provides cleaning solutions for industrial accidents. We have vast experience in restoring damaged furniture and deodorising smells. Moreover, we remove contaminated rubbish. Some jobs are tricky and unpleasant. So it would be best if you hired a firm like ours because we understand the essential cleaning standards.

    Our industrial cleaning in Ballarat includes:

    • Abrasive cleaning
    • High-pressure cleaning
    • Waste removal
    • Hoarding clean up
    • Bio-hazard site cleaning
    • Vacuum cleaning
    • Emergency response (water, wind and fire cleaning)
    • Working at heights clean-ups
    • All kinds of heavy-duty specialised cleaning

    Sweeping & scrubbing

    At times a broom is not enough. Because of this, for commercial sweeping and scrubbing, you need experts like us. Furthermore, we have significant experience in different facilities. For instance, we have handled factories and car parks. We have served warehouses and construction sites as well. 

    Our professional sweeping and scrubbing services leave a lasting impact. More importantly, our equipment is high quality, and this range of machinery includes vacuum sweepers and pressure washers. Furthermore, we have ride-on road sweepers. Coupled with this, they are fully insured and OHS-certified. Also, we provide a 24-hour emergency service. 

    It is challenging to scrub car parks and clean factory spills. Additionally, the pressure-blasting warehouse is a difficult task. However, working with us takes the stress from you.  We also offer affordable services.

    Our commercial sweeping services involve:

    • Industrial & workshop sweeping
    • Hazard and spill solutions
    • De-greasing and pressure washing
    • Scrubbing loading bays, warehouses & factories.
    • External & internal hard-stand areas
    • Construction site cleaning


    At Australian Construction, we work hard to offer and maintain a safe, secure and clean surrounding. Also, we facilitate functional surroundings and support the operational requirements of communities, government and businesses. We customise our solutions to meet your particular needs. Because of this, we are unique.

    Also, our team is supportive, caring and organised. They handle your project and surpass your expectations. For this reason, you have a stress free experience. Choosing us means you get compliance, quality and efficiency.

    Talk to us today and enjoy ideal industrial cleaning in Ballarat!