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    Australian Construction is experienced in providing cleaning services. We offer industrial cleaning services in Bendigo for various areas. Because of this, we comprehend the office designs and functions for the employees’ health. Effective office cleaning processes impact the staff positively.

    Therefore, work becomes a healthy and inspiring area. Not only are happy staff members more productive, but they also experience more job satisfaction. As a result, sick days reduce, and the staff avoids burnout. More importantly, they become more loyal to their employer. Because of this, we do not underestimate the role of a clean, hygienic and safe facility. 

    Our services

    For years we have provided complete industrial and office cleaning services. We work with you to find out the specifics of your cleaning needs. After this, we create a program with procedures showing the details of your cleaning needs. Also, we draw up a schedule with techniques that facilitate high standards of hygiene and cleanliness surrounding. 

    Industrial cleaning

    Australian Construction has vast experience in numerous industrial cleaning applications. Moreover, we have a highly trained team. Consequently, they are familiar with our comprehensive services. So they deliver to your particular requirements. 

    More importantly, we have unique triple certification. For this reason, our team is proficient in all aspects of WH&S. We endeavour to facilitate safety for you and your staff. In addition, we make sure your company is compliant. Our expert team consults with you to find out your exact needs.

    Our industrial cleaning services in Bendigo include:

    • Manufacturing cleaning
    • Soft industrial cleaning
    • Hard industrial cleaning
    • Factory cleaning
    • Moreover, we offer various specialised cleaning solutions.

    Our unique services

    We utilise effective and safe cleaning products. Our products are also human and environmentally friendly. Given this, we emphasise responsible cleaning processes. These processes meet environmental and occupational health standards. 

    We customise our services to suit our clients’ needs and requirements. Because of this, you pay only for the services you require for your specific facility. Our company provides different ancillary specialist cleaning services. For example, we offer upholstery and window cleaning.

    Our cleaning times are flexible. Therefore we follow your schedule.  Because of our Integrated Management System, our clients can monitor the activity at their business site remotely.  Because of this, regulatory compliance reporting is possible. All our cleaners are thoroughly trained in WH&S & Quality Management methods.

    Office cleaning

    We offer the ideal corporate and commercial cleaning services in Bendigo. Talk to our friendly staff for professional and reliable office cleaning solutions.  Your office cleanliness is our top priority. We appreciate that as an employer, you want to ensure you have clean and fresh premises. It enables your clients and employees to be comfortable.

    Our professional staff is proud of their work. We guarantee a spotless appearance in your office area. Moreover, they work without disrupting your sensitive equipment or documents. We understand that managing an office is demanding. Also, hygiene and cleanliness is vital. 

    Your office represents your business functionality. Lack of a suitable cleaning program makes your clients note the untidiness. It, therefore, affects your business image. However, if the office is well cleaned, the customers will notice as well.  It results in your staff being comfortable and hence more productive. 

    Cleaning surfaces and furniture regularly prevents bacteria and dust accumulation. The cleaning products we use are not only safe but also effective. Additionally, using these products leaves no toxic residue.


    Do you want reliable industrial cleaning in Bendigo? In that case, Australian Construction is available—we clean factories and offices in Bendigo cost-effectively. Furthermore, we aim to give you superior services customised to meet your needs.

    At all times, we ensure your facilities remain in ideal condition. Because of this your customers and visitors have a good impression of your premises.

    Call us today for optimal cleanliness in your premises!