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Expert Industrial Cleaning Service In Brisbane

    When things are chaotic in your workspace, it can be difficult to focus on your core business, and this is the reason why you need Australian Construction’s professional cleaning services for your commercial premises. When you leave the work to the experts in our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane, you have the assurance that you will be provided with a consistently healthy clean workplace, and a friendly and warm environment to match.

    Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane has many years experience in the cleaning sector, and we provide affordable commercial and industrial cleaning services. If you reside in Brisbane and notice that your work premises are getting dirty too fast, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company’s services.

    Advantages of a commercial cleaning service

    It lessens the workload

    You and your staff should concentrate on your core business, that is, running the actual business and producing the required outputs. If you are worried about maintaining order and cleanliness in your offices and the reception area, you will not be able to work efficiently. Therefore, leave the cleaning to our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane.

    It gives a good first impression

    No matter the industry you work in, no client will be motivated to work with you if they encounter a disorganised cluttered and unclean environment. It is not the impression that you want to give to your clients. As business owners spend a significant amount of time at the office, they sometimes become acclimatised and unaware of the increasing filing pile and mess (!) that can accumulate over time on the premises. 

    Therefore, in our view, it is wise to hire an outside firm’s services like those of Australian Construction, because we are specialists in commercial cleaning and can enhance your office space appearance. Our professional team leaves your office smelling fresh and helps you create surroundings where you can strike deals!

    Maintains health

    When you ensure that you have clean and adequately maintained offices, you significantly decrease exposure to health risks. Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane can help increase your businesses productivity by decreasing the number of sick days.

    Our commercial cleaning services

    Our team cleans the building’s exterior and entrance, work and reception areas and focuses on:

    • Cleaning the kitchen
    • Cleaning the windows
    • Emptying the bins
    • Dusting the desks and polishing them 
    • Cleaning different surfaces
    • Vacuuming the carpets and mopping the floors

    Builders cleaning

    Cleaning a building can be challenging. Therefore, get an expert builder cleaning service like Australian Construction. Our skilled team cleans up after the builders! Our cleaners specialise in commercial cleaning and can easily change a construction site to an attractive and enticing building.

    Our builders cleaning service is also known as a move-in clean, entry clean, final clean, initial clean that takes place only after completion of all the painting and construction. It is also an essential requirement for all Brisbane business-owners before they are able to sell their properties. If you want to lease or rent a building in Brisbane, the industrial cleaning team at Australian Construction can help with the cleaning prep prior to posting the premises’ availability.

    Hiring us to carry out your post-construction cleaning provides the following benefits:

    • Comprehensively insured and free from risk: Our firm gives you excellent insurance in the event that something occurs to your building as we work. 
    • We take care of our customers, ensuring that you feel secure with us.
    • Our dedicated team always finishes the job, and their services always make our clients happy with us.
    • We treasure your time, and our company respects your time. Our team always endeavours to beat deadlines, so you are always on time when moving in or showing the building to customers.

    Window cleaning

    Your first impression is crucial. Whether it’s a customer visiting your showroom or a building site handover after completing the job, sparkling clean windows are awe-inspiring. It is the reason we are proud to provide the very best retail and commercial window cleaning services!

    We handle jobs of all sizes like:

    • Unusually positioned or high windows: We have extension water polls that easily clean them without boom lift costs.
    • Paint, concrete or builders’ dirt: Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane is fully equipped, and our experienced window cleaners effectively handle builders’ mess.
    • Removing hard water stains: We remove hard water stains from pools or rusty pipes.
    • Retail window cleaning: If you want us to regularly clean your retail store windows to make them look professional, you can enquire about our retainer costs.
    • Pure water window cleaning: We have professional filtration systems to give you an extra unique finish with our pure water window clean.

    Advantages of engaging an expert window cleaner

    Windows enables you to view the outside world and facilitate sunshine exposure to give you warmth and light. So, it is vital to keep your windows crystal clear and clean. Due to condensation and moisture, debris and dirt on your window become smudged, preventing you from having a clear view of the outside world.

    Here are some benefits of working with a professional window cleaner:

    Improve your curb appeal

    Sparkling clean windows boost your structure’s curb appeal. Our team cleans your windows gently and thoroughly, enhancing their appeal.

    Protect your windows

    Dirt and debris can lead to irreversible damage to your windows. With time, they penetrate the glass, causing scratches and eventually trigger distortion, preventing you from having a clear unobstructed view outside. This is why it is essential to work with a skilled industrial cleaning contractor. We use specially formulated and high-powered cleaners for cleaning your windows.

    Our skilled team ensures your windows are safe by washing them professionally often. This is important, particularly if you have tall or expensive windows.

    Office cleaning

    If you want a reliable and trustworthy office cleaning service, we are here to help. We are experienced in commercial cleaning, and we also specialise in small business office cleaning and property care. Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane works hard, paying attention to all the details. The end result for you is a hygienic and spotless office space every time! Our cleaners are passionate about their work, and they are efficient at it!

    Basic services

    • Window & desk cleaning
    • Mop and vacuum
    • Specialised services
    • Cleaning the kitchen and shower

    Specialised services

    • Front façade cleaning
    • Maintenance of car park floor
    • Water cleaning using high-pressure
    • Polishing communal areas and machine scrubbing
    • Steam cleaning carpets


    A clean surrounding has a positive impact on any business. It increases morale, improves organisation and impresses clients. Australian Construction ensures that you have a tidy environment with our professional cleaning, enabling your firm to shine!

    Give us a call today, and we will be happy to serve you!