Expert Industrial Cleaning Services In Bundaberg By Aus Construction


    Australian Construction undertakes industrial cleaning in Bundaberg. We have highly skilled industrial cleaning staff. Our services are available to various industry sectors. For example, we work with public facilities and amenities. Also our services are available to government/commercial offices. Furthermore, we are specialists in at-height and high-risk cleaning. It includes exterior and interior window cleaning.

    We only use superior cleaning products. Because of this, we work safely and effectively. More importantly, we create a safe and clean surrounding for our clients, their staff, and the whole community. Our company uses non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning products. We have a hands-on management team. Moreover, we understand that every client has unique cleaning needs. Therefore, we customise our services to suit our clients’ needs.

    Industrial and commercial cleaning

    Australian Construction is famous for our specialised, high-quality services. Our cleaning staff is very proficient. Because of this, we ensure we meet quality standards. Therefore, our clients have peace of mind. Our customised industrial cleaning services provide a high level of cleanliness. Moreover, we use safe and effective chemicals. These chemicals are certified for hospital use. Also, they consist of a higher testing level compared to the regular EPA tests.

    Coupled with our cleaning techniques and safety and health, we have become a market leader. We are conscious of the environment and understand that waste can result from cleaning. Our company has vast experience in this sector. As a result, we have established unique solutions. For example, we use biodegradable products and recycled water. It ensures our products are recyclable. Consequently, it reduces our carbon footprint.

    For years we have supplied vast municipal waste services. Also, we provide recycling services to local councils in Bundaberg. We consider various factors regarding municipal waste solutions:

    • Your municipalities’ existing and future growth possibilities
    • Disposal habits
    • Public waste education
    • Recognition of likely new waste streams to enhance diversion.

    Our industrial cleaning in Bundaberg involves collecting and processing general waste. In addition, we recycle it on behalf of councils. We also offer industrial services for municipal and road asset maintenance. So when you require environmental clean-up, we are your ideal solution. We provide different councils’ industrial services. For example, we offer:

    • Sewer & drain clean-up
    • Pipe & tube cleaning
    • Root cutting
    • Culvert surveying
    • Culverts and tanks jetting
    • Well surveys
    • Trunk cleaning
    • Tank & vessel surveying, etc.
    • Emergency spills service (24-hour)

    Australian Construction handles the entire response procedure for non-hazardous and hazardous spills. Besides, we undertake minor fuel leaks and major environmental emergencies in a waterway or land.

    Our skilled team handles collection, clean-up, processing as well as disposal. We have in-house experience and skills. More importantly, we have access to various emergency response equipment, plants, and vehicles.

    Our expert team responds quickly to spills. Because of this, we reduce the adverse effect on the surroundings and community. Also, your business reputation does not suffer. Our services adhere to applicable environmental obligations. It involves clean-up, waste transport, and eventual disposal.

    Water blasting

    Australian Construction offers high-pressure cleaning. Similarly, we provide water blasting solutions across numerous industrial and commercial sectors. We use the newest equipment accessible on the market. Due to this, we maintain top-level cleaning standards. Additionally, we give our clients affordable services. Our skilled staff is qualified to work on different surroundings and facility cleaning contract. It includes:

    • Parks
    • Train stations (all surfaces)
    • Ferry terminals
    • Footpaths & walkways
    • Car parks
    • Building wash-downs
    • Pontoons & boat ramps
    • Shelters and bus stations

    We work with different types of chemicals. For this reason, we meet regulatory needs or exceed them. This is especially for sensitive surroundings like ferry terminals.


    Australian Company staff goes the extra mile to exceed clients’ expectations. Our cleaning staff is cross-trained in the different services we provide. Therefore, we are unique from other cleaning companies. It ensures a higher level of service delivery flexibility.

    So talk to us today about your industrial cleaning in Bundaberg!