Hire Industrial Cleaning Experts In Cairns For All Commercial Cleaning


    At Australian Construction, we have exceptional standards. Moreover, we are committed to providing superior industrial cleaning services in Cairns. We customise our services to suit your needs. We offer our services to commercial offices and medical facilities. Additionally, we clean sport & leisure centres, etc.

    Our top priorities are your restoration needs after property damage. Given this, we work hard to make sure we deliver uncompromising services.  These services are available 24/7, and our professional cleaning team makes your area shine. 

    Medical centre cleaning

    Australian Construction specialises in medical centre cleaning. We understand a hygienic and clean surrounding is important. More importantly, your healthcare team, staff and patients benefit. We go beyond surface appearance and pay attention to detail. Also, we provide quality processes and products to avoid cross-contamination.

    We have cleaned various medical centres like dental, clinics, surgeries and general practitioners. Our expert team has also serviced pharmacies and warehouses. Besides, our team is fully insured and compliant with all essential Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

    Water damage restoration solutions

    Mainly water damage occurs due to flood damage, storms, bathrooms, sinks, etc. This damage is devastating as it spoils your facility’s interior and building structure. Therefore if you experience any flood or water damage, contact a professional company like Australian Construction Services. We offer water damage restoration and flood damage restoration services.

    Our company has provided superior water damage restoration and flood restoration for years. Our team is experienced and uses the latest equipment and technology.  Because of this, we quickly restore your property to its pre-damaged state. 

    Our team drains out the water, dries the property, sanitises and cleans mould. The sophisticated equipment we use includes high-tech pumps, dehumidifiers and speed fans. In addition, we have vacuum machines for drying flooded floors or carpets. 

    Because of our reliable method, we ensure fast restoration of your property. Similarly, our team inspects water damage closely. Consequently, we identify its main cause, for example, leaking ceilings. So we give you a long-term solution to your issues. Our industrial cleaning in Cairns also includes mould-cleaning services.

    Fire damage restoration

    We have vast experience in fire damage restoration services. Our clients include commercial and industrial. Also, our technicians are highly qualified and use unique methods. As a result, they eliminate smoke residue and soot. Additionally, they get rid of persistent odours from buildings and contents affected by the fire.

    Industrial and commercial properties experience fire and smoke damage. As a result, your business is interrupted and you lose income. In general, your life is disrupted. We understand the effects of fire on businesses and lives. Because of this, we know it is urgent to renovate your property to its pre-loss state. Likewise, it would help if you got your business running again.

    Australian Construction’s assessment managers prepare and manage the whole project. As a result, they ensure they complete all restoration and cleaning procedures for building and contents to a superior standard.

    Inspection, testing and assessment

    Fires lead to great damage to buildings and contents. Because of this, we carry out a comprehensive inspection, testing as well as assessment. We establish the restorability of the building and its contents. Despite the magnitude of the loss, our qualified industrial cleaners and assessment managers restore fire-damaged property.


    Do you need commercial or industrial cleaning in Cairns? In that case, you need professionals like Australian Construction to do the job. We are dedicated to giving your premises a fresh and clean look and handle all sized jobs. Our company responds quickly to meet our clients’ needs.

    We will be pleased to handle your major commercial properties, so call us today.