The Most Experienced Industrial Cleaning Service In Coffs Harbour


    Australian Construction has broad experience in various industrial cleaning applications. We have a highly qualified team. Because of this, they can adjust our complete services to meet your particular needs. We provide industrial cleaning in Coffs Harbour. Also, our team are skilled in all aspects of WH&S.

    Moreover, we work hard to ensure your safety. We also facilitate your employee’s safety and make sure your firm is compliant. Our team consults with you to find out when and how you want us to work.

    Our industrial cleaning services include:

    • Soft industrial cleaning
    • Manufacturing cleaning
    • Hard industrial cleaning
    • Factory cleaning
    • We also offer different specialised cleaning solutions.

    Rental strata & building cleaning

    Australian Construction handles cleaning strata premises. It entails undertaking different cleaning tasks. For example, we clean windows, car parks, ceilings and walls. We clean roofs, lawns and floors as well. It can be a challenge to get a firm that can handle all these tasks efficiently.

    Our cleaners are police-checked, thus ensuring your security. They are also fully trained. Furthermore, we are fully insured, reliable and punctual. More importantly, we are affordable. Because of our size, we have attained an unsurpassed scale economy.

    Your premises may be huge. Regardless we clean it cost-effectively. Additionally, our auditing staff regularly inspects the job quality our team carries out. As a result, we maintain high standards all the time.

    Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

    It is essential to keep your cooking exhaust systems and industrial kitchen sanitised and clean all through. Because of this, we have the necessary procedures and techniques. Also, we have experience and commercial grade equipment.  It ensures we provide maximum satisfaction for you and your clients.

    Kitchen sanitising & cleaning

    You may need a one-off service. Or perhaps you want regular services. Regardless, we can help with all your industrial kitchen sanitising and cleaning needs. Our competent team works on your grills, benches, filters, and walls. Also, we clean your walls, floors and exhausts. Moreover, we handle all sections of your kitchen.

    Australian Construction has the expertise to maintain all your industrial kitchen sections in a clean, safe and sanitised state. Furthermore, we comply with Australian Standards and industry best practice.

    Additionally, we help with testing and swabbing. Because of this, we ensure your kitchen is safe and hygienic all the time. We make sure your kitchen is free from grime and grease. As a result, you have a healthy, clean and safe kitchen. It reduces the possibility of accidents like fires.

    Commercial & Industrial pressure cleaning solutions

    Our team can pressure clean accumulated grime and dirt from any surface. We provide pressure cleaning services to:

    • Cladding
    • Roofs
    • Walkways and paving
    • Factories
    • Industrial sites
    • Walls and other surfaces
    • Fire and smoke clean-up

    We offer cleaning and restoration solutions for properties damaged by fire and smoke. Our team offers expert services. Therefore, they clean and decontaminate your property or workplace. Besides, we help with:

    • Carpets restoration
    • Cleaning up
    • Insurance service
    • Laundering of fabrics and curtains damaged by fire, etc.

    In addition, we provide all laundry and industrial cleaning services. So your premises remain clean, and you resume operations.

    Smoke damage, soot cleaning, or stains

    Fire damage is a severe issue. Furthermore, dealing with smoke damage following a fire can be challenging. The reason is smoke can damage ceilings and walls. We clean all surfaces impacted by smoke. Also, we can suggest what assets we can restore in the damaged area and what is disposable.


    At Australian Construction, we are proud to offer a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services. Despite the scope of your premises, whether commercial or industrial, we can help! Our main aim is to offer quality service and excellent client support.

    Call us today for ideal industrial cleaning in Coffs Harbour!