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    Commercial cleaning services and general cleaning is very different. Depending on the nature of the business, the grime and dirt can be substantial. Also, it can recur more frequently. Given this, Australian Construction ensures we meet your industrial cleaning in Geelong requirements often. 

    Because of this, the number of germs present in the surrounding decreases. Moreover, it helps the workplace to function at its optimal level. We offer proper care, cleaning, maintenance and sanitising. It has a substantial impact on the facility’s general environment. 

    An industrial cleaning service assists in ensuring that staff remains in maximum health. Therefore they have a safe working surrounding. Nothing compares to the benefits our experts provide. We endeavour to give exceptional services. Our trained cleaning staff has quality, integrity and expertise. 

    Carpet cleaning

    We are among Geelong’s best carpet cleaning services, and our steam cleaning techniques produce unique outcomes. We offer comprehensive and deep carpet cleaning processes. Additionally, we use superior carpet cleaning equipment. Also, our team uses safe cleaning agents for carpet dust and dirt removal.

    Office cleaning service

    A clean workplace has a significant impact on your company image. It provides your clients and staff with the first impression. Your office presentation affects employees and visitors. Australian Construction provides its customers with the comforts and benefits of a clean working surrounding. Because of this, we offer everyday office cleaning services. Moreover, we handle all elements of office cleaning. For example, we undertake simple jobs like:

    • Walls
    • Carpets care
    • Washroom hygiene
    • Windows
    • Telephones
    • Ceilings

    Window cleaning

    If the building you occupy has dirty windows, it damages the company image. More importantly, clean windows facilitate more natural light in the working area. Therefore your staff has a brighter working area. Moreover, it saves the usage of artificial light. We are specialists in commercial and window cleaning. 

    In light of this, we service store fronts, commercial buildings etc. Our team of experts are experienced and handle the toughest cleaning jobs fast and carefully. For this reason, you can depend on our friendly staff to handle your concerns. Since we are flexible, we meet the requirements of our different clients. 

    Building maintenance

    Builders leave a mess after working. Because of this, our team efficiently cleans up during our industrial cleaning in Geelong. Your spotlessly cleaned interior and windows will make you happy. We handle all sized jobs, and we have the right equipment to address your needs. Moreover, we follow your work & safe requirements.

    Expert factory services

    More importantly, we establish a safe plan that is effective for industrial areas and factories. Consequently, it ensures your equipment remains safe, and well cleaned, enabling you to work. 

    For years, we have worked hard to hone our skills depending on our clients’ needs. It includes outstanding reliability and affordable pricing. Additionally, we are flexible and therefore work in different surroundings.

     Tile & grout cleaning

    Dirty grout makes your property look unclean and out-dated. You might clean and mop tiles regularly. However, it is challenging and time-consuming to clean and sustain grout sections in between. Fortunately, Australian Construction Services is available to help. Grout is porous, unlike tile. 

    It means many places are present where bacteria, dirt and contaminants conceal themselves and breed. We offer water-pressure cleaning solutions. As a result, we help attain a deep cleaning level, and our skilled team removes impurities and dirt from the surface. After this, we seal the grout, therefore, adding beauty and protection. 


    For superior and affordable services talk to Australian Construction today. We are reputed for excellent industrial cleaning in Geelong. Our vast experience and modern equipment enable us to provide fast and effective outcomes. For a convenient method of improving your premises work with us for expert industrial cleaning services.

    Call us for the ideal cleaning services for your premises.