Quality Industrial Cleaning Services In Gladstone | 15 Years Experience


    Australian Construction offers all kinds of commercial cleaning. For example, we provide industrial cleaning in Gladstone. Moreover, we offer school, common area as well as office cleaning services. Our staff can customise a commercial cleaning specification plan that suits your particular requirements.

    Additionally, we carry out monthly cleaning inspections all over Gladstone. As a result, we ensure our staff maintains top quality. We choose our suppliers and staff carefully. Because our team undergoes continuous training, they ensure they fulfil clients’ needs. We aim always to give you value for money. More importantly, we offer services that will make you happy.

    Specialised cleaning services

    Not only do we mainly specialise in commercial cleaning but also offer various specialised industrial cleaning services. We understand not all our clients have offices that need continuous care. At times clients need a one-off clean to maintain a property’s condition.

    In particular, Australian Construction is proud to offer various flooring services. We have a highly professional team. For this reason, we can restore your hard flooring to life. Furthermore, we offer floor stripping and sealing services. We also provide hard floor scrubbing services. Do you have a carpet? In that case, we offer carpet steam cleaning. It leaves your carpets smelling and looking fresh.

    We offer the following specialised services in Gladstone:

    • Hard floor scrubbing
    • Floor stripping & sealing
    • High dusting
    • Carpet steam cleaning
    • Urinal deep clean
    • Testing and tagging
    • Pressure cleaning
    • Builders clean
    • Car park sweeping
    • Testing & tagging
    • Internal & external window cleaning
    • Graffiti removal
    • Recycling
    • Emergency services

    Property owners dread experiencing damage because of an emergency.  This damage can result from fire, floods and plumbing problems. In light of this, we have vast experience in all aspects of the emergency clean-up. You can rely on us to restore your property. Besides, we give you sound advice and the appropriate resources.

    For years we have been popular in Gladstone as an emergency property restoration service. Because of this, we have earned the reputation of being reliable and professional. More importantly, our team is considerate during this stressful period. An emergency ranges from natural disasters to issues with hazardous materials. It entails transport incidents also.

    Water & Fire damage restoration procedure

    When you call us and explain your needs, we prioritise your job. We then assess its urgency and arrange a time for inspecting the work.  Our team then project manages your job. We work to restore your fire & water damage, covering all aspects.

    Under these circumstances, we use the right people and equipment. More importantly, we have the appropriate skills to revive your business operations. After we complete the job, we arrange a programmed maintenance plan. Consequently, your property remains protected and safe from more damage. Our staff accords you with skill, professionalism, and courtesy from start to finish all through this procedure.

    Gutter cleaning

    Australian Construction has a qualified team for gutter cleaning, installation and repairs. We are famous for our quality of service and work ethic. Our objective is for your down spouts and gutters to work efficiently and correctly. When rainwater accumulates in guttering, it can cause severe damage. Standing water seeps into siding, foundations and roofs. As a result, mould develops, and there is water damage. However, we can protect your property with frequent cleaning and inspections.

    Our process involves removing twigs, dirt and animal nests. We also remove leaves and other types of debris. Our team flushes the whole system. It ensures smooth flowing through the system for maximum performance.


    Our company has the equipment and skills to service industrial and commercial buildings. Moreover, we are available 24/7 and have vast experience in all aspects of the emergency clean-up. Therefore, you can rely on Australian Construction for your property restorations. After all, we give you seasoned advice, the right resources and expertise to restore conditions.

    Call us today for the most efficient industrial cleaning in Gladstone!