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Optimise Your Surroundings With The Best Cleaning Services On The Gold Coast


    Australian Construction has the reputation of being the most reliable commercial cleaning firm on the Gold Coast. Our industrial cleaning services are a specialised service that we offer as part of our commercial work portfolio. Our industrial cleaning team that we have on the Gold Coast has the expertise and experience to clean all industrial facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants and factories.

    We have all the essential industrial strength, cleaning equipment and products to guarantee high standard cleaning outcomes. Cleaning an industrial facility needs significant resources and a workforce, and our team is skilled enough to undertake large challenging jobs. Call us today for your industrial premises cleaning!

    Commercial cleaning

    Do you want reliable, thorough and professional cleaning services for your school, shop space, building or office? Our team can help you achieve this. We provide various commercial cleaning services on the Gold Coast for schools, corporate offices, businesses and many more. 

    We have vast experience in the industry, and our team caters to all your cleaning requirements. We use eco-friendly products, deliver superior quality cleaning and provide customised service. Our team aims to keep your items clean and neat all the time.

    Customised for your work surroundings

    For years, our industrial cleaning contractor has been the top commercial cleaning company on the Gold Coast. We are famous for the personalised and professional service that we provide, to suit your unique requirements. For all our corporate and commercial cleaning, we first offer a comprehensive consultation. This enables us to establish your needs beforehand, allowing us to tailor our service in accordance with your preferences, helping you to ultimately get a healthy, hygienic and productive working environment.

    Eco-friendly products

    Our priority is to protect you and your surroundings. This is the reason why our industrial cleaning team on the Gold Coast utilises eco-friendly cleaning products to make your working environment safe and healthy. We can also use unique cleaning products which you prefer, if you request.

    Commercial cleaning services

    Commercial cleaning differs from domestic cleaning and is ideal for large areas that serve multiple stakeholders. Our industrial cleaning team on the Gold Coast has the expertise and skills to provide various commercial cleaning services to all types of facilities and businesses. These services include:

    • Shop area cleaning
    • School cleaning
    • Building cleaning
    • Corporate cleaning

    Office cleaning 

    When employees are healthy, they tend to be happier. A clean workplace means healthier employees, and can therefore result in greater employee productivity. Our industrial cleaning team has serviced the Gold Coast area for years. We can undertake tasks such as water-cooler filling, keyboard dusting and pot plant care. We support your work with our comprehensive variety of office cleaning services, enabling you to spare time for your core business.

    Having an organised, healthy and clean work surrounding is essential. We appreciate that safety and health increase productivity and that is why we endeavour to give you different customised and comprehensive office cleaning services.

    Australian Construction’s simple cleaning services include: 

    • Reception area cleaning
    • Dusting all CPUs and desks
    • Cleaning kitchen equipment and appliances
    • Cleaning restroom and disinfecting
    • Cleaning baseboards, light fixtures, etc.
    • Eliminating tough stains from tubs, tiles, counters and more
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors
    • Gathering, collection and removal of waste bin
    • External and internal window and blind cleaning
    • Re-lining garbage bins and replacing the toilet paper and paper towels
    • Sanitising sinks, walls, partitions and lavatory fixtures

    School cleaning

    Begin every school day with clean areas. Our industrial cleaning team on the Gold Coast has a range of cleaning services for colleges and daycare centres. We aim to get rid of all kinds of messes, creating a fresh and hygienic learning environment.  Our skilled team will meet with you at your premises to help identify and enable you to discuss your needs. At that meeting, we will talk about our cleaning processes, service guides, schedules, payments, staff placement, and answer any questions that you may have.

    Tailored cleaning plan

    Our team will examine your entire educational facility and the surrounding area. We will create a tailored cleaning plan in consultation with you, and advise you about our available services. If you accept our quote, you fill out the emergency forms, and we answer all your questions and concerns. We provide the following:

    • Garden watering
    • High-pressure cleaning
    • Fire stair cleaning
    • Garbage room cleaning
    • Cleaning halls
    • Removing cobwebs from buildings and other busy areas
    • Scrubbing and washing down hard doors
    • A window and glass cleaner service
    • Monthly, weekly and daily area cleaning; package customised to the building’s requirements and budget
    • Glass and external window cleaning
    • Car park cleaning

    Benefits of professional cleaning in schools

    • Students feel a sense of pride and belonging in their school if their educational facility is kept clean and welcoming. When a school is clean and well maintained, the incidence of illness in students and staff is decreased, as lingering germs are routinely eliminated through the cleaning process. Regular cleaning by a professional service such as our industrial cleaning team on the Gold Coast, produces the ideal clean learning environment.
    • A pristine learning environment provides the ideal atmosphere for Gold Coast students to work hard for a successful future.
    • Early learning facilities, schools, kindergartens and childcare centres are sanctuaries for enjoyment, artistry and academic enrichment. We are very conscious that school environments can be a haven for different illnesses and nasty germs if proper care and regular, thorough cleaning is lacking.
    • Every educational establishment has a duty to safeguard students’ health and safety at all times. We present various specialist packages, which can ensure that this happens.
    • Our carefully-picked team of intensively trained and skilled school cleaners are proud of their work. Their steadfast commitment ensures that your establishments are maintained to top sanitary standards at all times.

    Commercial kitchen cleaning

    The kitchen is the most important area in your kitchen. It needs experienced experts with the right materials to clean every surface properly to ensure that it not only looks good, but that it is also safe. Our specialised restaurant cleaning services provide high quality results, ensuring that your kitchen is as hygienic as possible. We have assisted restaurants all over the Gold Coast to maintain a lovely look inside and outside the kitchen for years.


    Australian Construction is dedicated to our clients. We not only meet our customers’ needs, but we exceed them. We believe in providing a professional approach to give you quality cleaning services. Our skilled industrial cleaning team on the Gold Coast implements this belief by providing high-level services at affordable costs.

    Please give us the pleasure of serving you today and enjoy impeccably clean surroundings! Call us today to discuss your industrial cleaning needs!