Hire The Absolute Best Industrial Cleaning Service In Hervey Bay


    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that for a workplace to thrive, cleanliness and hygiene is essential. Having clean premises gives a good impression of your business. For this reason, we specialise in industrial cleaning services in Hervey Bay. Therefore, you can rely on us for all your cleaning requirements.

    We offer industrial and commercial cleaning services for all sized business. Moreover, we deliver remarkable outcomes. It is essential to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for all commercial businesses. Additionally, it presents a healthy and safe workplace for employees. We are professionals in commercial and corporate cleaning. As a result, we have years of experience in expert cleaning services to local companies and businesses.

    Your time is valuable to us, and we understand you need to handle more important things. Therefore, allow our team to undertake all the difficult work for you! Our team has the expertise and knowledge. As a result, they handle all your building and office cleaning requirements.

    Ideal office cleaning

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in offering remarkable industrial cleaning services. Because of this you can maintain a clean and neat area. We provide comprehensive industrial cleaning services in Hervey Bay. So, you can trust us for remarkable results. Our team has the skills and finesse to do the work correctly. They clean desks, doors, windows and chairs; in addition, they disinfect and vacuum clean. Regardless of how complex your cleaning is we can handle it.

    Expert factory cleaning

    Our company offers various factory cleaning services. In other words, we handle our clients’ different needs. We know it is essential to maintain the highest standards of tidiness in factories and are skilled in providing the appropriate results. It is necessary to undertake thorough factory cleaning regularly.

    The reason is it maintains your employees’ health. When dirt and grime accumulate, it makes your premises unhygienic. Moreover, it is a fire hazard.  So use our factory cleaning services to ensure an impeccable space.

    Industrial cleaning

    Large factory areas should not have grime and clutter.  They should also be dust- free. For this reason, we deliver professional and comprehensive cleaning. After all, we have the necessary expertise and skills. We also provide services according to schedule. We clean greasy equipment and machinery as well as dirty floors. As a result, we restore your factory to a safe and clean work environment.

    Customised services

    Australian Construction understands that all businesses differ. It is the reason we tailor each business, for instance, specialist cleaning if necessary. It includes carpet cleaning and exterior pressure cleaning. We also undertake major disinfecting and complex floor maintenance. 

    In addition, we check for hidden grime in your factory. Our expert team also cleans dirt on top of architraves and cabinets. Likewise, we wipe the hand prints on frequently used surfaces. We also wipe away neglected layers. Industrial surroundings are busy. So we design packages depending on your cleaning requirements. 

    We have a team of skilled cleaners, who mainly provide industrial cleaning services in Hervey Bay. They offer this cleaning during the breakdown, maintenance and shut-downs.

    Also, we have a team of dedicated, on-site, full-time cleaners. Furthermore, they are competent and offer you deep cleaning tailored services. It forms part of your general maintenance and plan. We aim to cater to all your requirements. More importantly, we work with minimal disruption to your business. Whether you want us to implement a cleaning program in the evening, during day time or at weekends, we give you the best solution.


    At Australian Construction, we are a top industrial and commercial cleaning company in Hervey Bay. We offer a full range of affordable services. Because of this, you maintain a clean space. We have a highly qualified team, and we guarantee excellent outcomes.

    Call us today for the best industrial cleaning solutions in Hervey Bay.