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    For years Australian Construction has provided professional industrial cleaning in Launceston. We specialise in all aspects of industrial and office cleaning. It includes school and shopping centres cleaning. Not only are we expert cleaners but we also have the essential insurance and certifications. Our skilled team is proud to offer customised services.

    Furthermore, we work hard to give you exceptional services. We have a diverse group of specialists, and we are leaders in the sector. When you allow us to undertake your cleaning project, you have peace of mind. For this reason, you can concentrate on operating your business.

    Warehouse & factories cleaning

    At an industrial site, dirt and debris accumulate if not cleaned frequently. Also, there are some adverse effects if you do not clean your factory regularly. For example, not following the national standards leads to severe threats to staff. It is also dangerous for everyday functions and also production.

    Comparatively, food manufacturing facilities have unique needs than other standard commercial sites. As a result, these facilities need specialised, comprehensive and advanced cleaning processes. Due to this, they meet frequent auditing and health inspection needs.

    Our Australian Construction cleaning services give you the chance to benefit from quality facility cleaning. Because of this, your food manufacturing plant remains germ-free. Moreover, your food is safe from germs also. For this reason, your food does not get contaminated. Hence it is entirely secure. Ineffective cleaning of the plants leads to dirt and soiling. Consequently, it affects your production procedure.

    Under these circumstances, pick an expert cleaning service like us. We give you a suitable solution. Hence we ensure your factory surrounding does not experience spreading germs that can destroy other products. We offer specialised industrial cleaning in Launceston for food manufacturing facilities. Our team is fully efficient and cleans the area before the storage. So it helps you in maintaining plant hygiene.

    We handle large and small food manufacturing facilities. Moreover, we implement expertise and significant industrial experience. Our company adheres to the federal and state government health and safety standards. Also, we offer you the best food manufacturing premises cleaning. Our cleaners are proficiency tested and have the proper knowledge and attitude. Therefore, you are guaranteed quality cleaning of your food manufacturing premises.

    After builders & construction cleaning

    Office renovations are exciting, but the aftermath can be worrying. The reason is it is challenging to dispose of the mess. In addition, it is difficult to clean up all the dirt and debris after the completion of construction. It may involve renovation also or work at your construction site. So work with the experts to get the correct solution. You can then fix your commercial property, restore its shine and make it ready for use.

    For after construction builders cleaning, we are your best option.  In Launceston, we are the leading post-construction cleaning firm. We offer exceptional cleaning solutions. These services are ideal for building and renovating at the construction site. We are specialists in this area. Additionally, we have the essential products, knowledge and equipment. Because of this, we work in a specific manner leaving our clients satisfied.

    We carry out post-construction cleaning perfectly and efficiently. More importantly, we save you time, and you can enjoy your office renovations. We customise clean surfaces for construction companies. Hence we handle various cleaning elements.


    At Australian Construction, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. Doing this enables us to attain strategic cleaning needs founded on industry standards. We also have a unique and collaborative method. It facilitates our cleaning approaches and techniques. As a result, we ensure complete satisfaction.

    Because we are a strict cleaning service, we guarantee a healthy surrounding.  We appreciate that healthy hygiene practices are essential. For this reason, our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Also, we use risk-free chemicals.

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