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Hire A Professional Cleaning Team For Superior Quality Services

    If you want frequent commercial or industrial cleaning services in Melbourne, Australian Construction is the go-to company. We are the top cleaning team in the city, and appreciate the importance of maintaining cleanliness in your workplace premises. Our industrial cleaning service in Melbourne is committed to giving you comprehensive cleaning services to keep you, your employees and also your customers and clients, happy and healthy.

    Our team of experts are happy to deliver. Their experience, expertise, top quality products, methods and equipment, including flexibility, gives you peace of mind that we will do the job well! 

    Our industrial cleaning team in Melbourne proud to offer affordable, professional services, and we never compromise on quality. We are able to offer a variety of services, such as carpet cleaning, industrial tile & grout cleaning, floor stripping & sealing, and also many other cleaning services.

    Factory floor cleaning

    Cleaning industrial floors, warehouse, pressure wash and industrial hard floor cleaning

    Production areas, factories and warehouses require high dusting, pressure washing and deep industrial cleaning. Our team of industrial cleaning experts in Melbourne will ensure that your working areas are sanitised and properly maintained through our cleaning services. Our team has vast experience in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

    It is essential to ensure that your industrial workplace or factory floor remains clean according to production procedures and Occupational Health and Safety requirements. If a working area is not cleaned properly, it can have a detrimental effect on employee morale and productivity, and may also destroy your brand image with your clients. Australian Construction helps to ensure that your industrial workplace or factory remains clean, well maintained and safe with our professional cleaning services. 

    Superior industrial cleaning 

    Our experienced industrial cleaning team in Melbourne is committed to providing our clients with superior quality and affordable cleaning services. We consistently deliver our work to high standards, which is unmatched in the cleaning industry in Melbourne. This has made us a leader in the industry. We have a loyal customer base of industrial operators and factory businesses who frequently work with our skilled team. The reason for this is our cleaning experts’ professionalism, efficiency and thoroughness in all jobs that we undertake.

    Hospitality cleaning services

    Ensure you have a well-maintained brand image with our hotel cleaning services. The solution to great branding is consistency and sustaining your premises with a professional look. This forms part of your business identity. Where hospitality is concerned, maintaining a polished look is vital for your business success. 

    Customers easily notice a messy or untidy looking entertainment area in the hospitality and entertainment sectors and can give a negative review, which can have a flow-on effect on potential future customers. Be unique from your rivals by enhancing your industry standards with our professional hospitality cleaning services.

    We offer comprehensive and professional cleaning services for:

    • Pubs
    • Hotels
    • Nightclubs
    • Restaurants

    Our industrial cleaning team is established and has vast experience working with the hospitality sector. Whether you are a CBD nightclub or a boutique hotel that attracts hundreds of customers on a Saturday night, we have the expertise to ensure your premises’ cleanliness despite the foot traffic the previous night.

    After builders and post-construction cleaning services

    Do you want to renovate your commercial area? If so, you need the correct cleaning services to make your property look clean and refreshed. Our industrial cleaning service provides builders cleaning depending on all your requirements. We have the following services:

    • Builders final clean
    • Construction cleaning
    • Renovation cleaning
    • Post-construction cleaning
    • Builders clean
    • Office and commercial area cleaning
    • Factory cleaning 

    Why choose Australian Construction for your building cleaning services?

    • Reliable, experienced and thorough builder cleaning services
    • Fast turnaround services
    • Fair and competitive costs
    • Detailed focus on all projects
    • Customer-friendly services
    • Expertly trained cleaning professionals
    • Accredited cleaning methods

    Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to clean surfaces thoroughly. We appreciate the importance of maintaining clean surroundings. Our rich and comprehensive experience ensures that we finalise your project fast.  If you want remarkably efficient pressure wash services, we have you covered.  We have the best cleaning company in the market that serves Melbourne clients efficiently. Our team is highly skilled, and they are professionals with enough expertise to render pressure wash services to various facilities. Our contemporary pressure wash methods eliminate all dust and dirt that accumulates with time. Eliminate all contaminants by talking to our experts.

    We provide professional pressure wash services for the following:

    • Patios
    • Decking
    • Driveways
    • Concrete floor
    • Tennis court
    • House facades
    • External walls
    • Mould removal and roof cleaning
    • Factory floor
    • Swimming centres

    Floor cleaning and warehouse cleaning services

    Industrial cleaning needs specialist services, specific considerations and regular maintenance. The industrial cleaning team in Melbourne is prepared to offer these for your industrial business. Our objective is to supply maximum client satisfaction by providing comprehensive industrial factory cleaning jobs all over Melbourne. We can service your premises according to a weekly, daily, monthly or fortnightly schedule – or as otherwise requested by you.  

    We have modern resources and equipment, and our qualified and versatile team easily handles complex and simple cleaning projects, ensuring optimal client satisfaction at decreased disposal costs. Our expert cleaners assist in protecting and maintaining your equipment using frequent cleaning services to enhance efficiency. 

    Specialised industrial cleaning and cleaning factory floors 

    We are different from most cleaning firms who handle factory work as they would a commercial area. We provide special procedures to ensure we do the job properly in accordance with your premises requirements. Furthermore, we acknowledge that in an industrial working surrounding where employee safety depends upon cleanliness, the procedure should be stricter than in different surroundings. Due to this, our industrial cleaning team in Melbourne has customised procedures to accommodate the meticulous cleanliness needs of industrial workplaces.

    Our industrial cleaning team in Melbourne endeavour to give our Melbourne customers quality return on investment in our services. We also provide a cost guarantee to beat our competitors’ quotes. If you would like additional information on the various factory cleaning services that we can provide all over Melbourne, call us today!

    Window cleaning

    Australian Construction provide cost-effective window cleaning services to businesses. It can be a risky undertaking, but our team does it with the utmost professionalism. Our comprehensively insured cleaners give wonderful outcomes throughout. For frequent offices window cleaning we provide efficient and affordable service. We clean glass balconies, fly screens, etc. Call our experts for professional window stain removal.


    Australian Construction is a long-established expert provider of all commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. We specialise in all aspects of industrial cleaning, office cleaning and school cleaning services. 

    Do not hesitate to call us to access our wonderful cleaning services!