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Professional And Expert Industrial Cleaning In Newcastle

    You may have a business that includes handling machinery using complicated equipment, and is located in a surrounding where viruses spread fast or in a non-domestic building. You will benefit greatly by hiring our industrial cleaning team in Newcastle. Australian Construction industrial cleaners create and maintain a hygienic, clean and safe environment within premises in and around the Newcastle area.

    Australian Construction ensures that our expert team’s work is of the highest standards and meets all the present government health and safety requirements.

    The establishments we serve

    Most of our cleaners work within the following industries in Newcastle:

    • Hospitals
    • Warehouses
    • Laboratories 
    • Schools
    • Prisons
    • Retails outlets
    • Leisure & health facilities

    Our industrial cleaning team in Newcastle is trained in specialised cleaning methods and have modern equipment. The team is comprehensively trained to clean complicated machinery and areas safely to avoid damage. If the correct training and equipment is absent, it can lead to expensive repair or replacement of your machinery and fixtures, and is also potentially dangerous to your employees.

    High-level cleaning

    We carry out external and internal high-level cleaning for warehouses, industrial premises, and other large venues using our specialised equipment. High-level cleaning can be quite challenging. At Australian Construction, we give our customers 100% reassurance that when you work with us, you will be provided with a reliable quality service and a customer experience that gives you peace of mind.

    It is tough to keep the external and internal high-level cleaning areas in an industrial workplace clean and hygienic. These ‘high traffic’ areas are present in many companies and buildings like large entertainment venues, warehouses, manufacturing plants, leisure and retail facilities, factories and also in schools. Due to their vulnerable nature, these areas will require expert cleaning in a secure and controlled manner, using special chemicals and equipment.

    High-level cleaning may require the following equipment in order to be undertaken thoroughly:

    This kind of equipment is mainly essential when working within or with the following areas:

    • Roofs
    • Guttering
    • Atriums
    • Skylights
    • Cladding
    • Aircon systems
    • Glazing

    During the cleaning process, the essential consideration is our employees’ and clients’ safety. So, our entire team is highly trained and certified. They only operate quality equipment, and they are 100% compliant with the newest Health and Safety Laws

    High-level vacuuming

    We provide high-level vacuuming for warehouses, food manufacturers, industrial fabricators, factories, schools, retail, leisure spaces and big entertainment venues. We use special equipment and chemicals to vacuum.

    Gutter and roof cleaning

    Industrial workspace gutters also require maintenance from time to time, as faulty gutters can lead to severe damage to your business if not maintained. We recommend our yearly maintenance service to ensure the lifespan of your gutters. Our competent team handles gutter cleans that include small repairs. 

    We conduct these repairs with our spares and tools and checking down pipes to surface level. If more parts are necessary, we let you know, and we liaise with you to decide on the best course of action. Our industrial cleaning team in Newcastle works on all kinds of properties such as commercial buildings.

    Window cleaning

    We provide high-level window cleaning using the reach and wash technique, eliminating the dangers of falls from ladders. Our reach and wash method enables it to go up to 60 ft. from ground level. It uses its distilled water, forming a smear free finish. Our team uses specialist accessory staff with appropriate certificates such as PASMA and IPAF that we gladly present on request at higher levels.

    Warehouse cleaning

    We specialise in cleaning all areas of warehouses like warehouse floor cleaning and high-level cleaning using various machinery. We use large to small scrubber dryers (battery operated), van-mounted industrial pressure washers and sit-on scrubber dryers. Our team uses different techniques for cleaning high-level spaces, and our cleaning staff has the appropriate certificates. They undertake method statements and risk assessments on all high-level cleaning tasks. 

    The Australian Construction sit-on scrubber dryers are best for cleaning warehouse yards, car parks and other significant areas. We also have high-pressure systems for stains like concrete, paint, tar, chewing gum, graffiti, concrete, oil, etc. With the pressure washer system, we can set the pressure and the temperature. When you allow our industrial cleaning team in Newcastle to clean your windows regularly, girders and fascias prevent them from becoming worn and unsightly. High-level cleaning presents specialist services and is best handled by a professional firm like ours. We have experience in working in the industrial cleaning sector, and we expertly clean all your premises’ high areas.

    Our contract managers work to health and safety standards and fill out a risk assessment before beginning any service. Our fully trained operatives use self-propelled booms and scissor lifts to work on high-level cleaning. The skilled industrial cleaning team in Newcastle also provides different high-level services like roof cleaning and guttering that match your business needs. The industrial cleaning services include supplying extra equipment and suitable risk assessments, and health & safety documents.

    Factory cleaning

    Our Newcastle industrial cleaning team works efficiently and effectively to prevent downtime in the factories. We have vast experience in factory cleaning projects. Every facility is different, and we work with you to understand your needs and then formulate a cleaning method to cover work surfaces, cover floors, equipment and ceilings. Our qualified team reduces interruption to your ordinary business by working overnight, early in the morning or even during weekends, depending on needs.

    Our cleaning services cover the following areas:

    • Ceilings
    • Lights
    • Floors
    • Internal walls
    • Equipment and machines
    • Air ducts
    • Windows

    Depending on your requirements, we clean in sections or at once. We also appreciate that your equipment is your factory’s backbone, and we take the utmost care to cleanse it from debris and dirt. You need not worry about your machines and goods experiencing accidental damage. Our team ensures it fulfils its promises to handle your property with due care. 


    The Australian Construction team has intensive training to suit your particular equipment before we undertake your factory’s cleaning processes. The training caters to your needs and how you wish our staff to handle and clean your machines. Our company has provided commercial and industrial cleaning services in Newcastle for years. Call us to get a free quote today!

    We have all the experience needed to give you the best industrial cleaning services possible!