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Industrial Cleaning Service In Perth

    Australian Construction offers a comprehensive industrial cleaning service in Perth, suitable for any workplace and budget, such as small distribution warehouses and large production plants. We have vast experience in providing industrial cleaning solutions, making sure that your work area operates at peak production throughout with minimal downtime. If you want a specialised cleaning team in Perth to maintain cleanliness in your warehouse, keeping it safe and organised, call us today.

    We will give you an obligation free industrial cleaning services quote.

    Industrial area cleaning safety

    Areas for industrial workplace pose many dangers, and it is this reason why our key focus is your clients, suppliers and staff safety. Our industrial cleaners have the training to proactively recognise risks and follow particular safety practices on your premises, ensuring that we clean your premises meticulously to minimise any possible dangers.

    Our industrial cleaning team in Perth works with your staff to ensure that they understand your working environment and needs, in order to achieve the best cleaning outcomes. We use industrial cleaning chemicals depending upon the particular work area. These chemicals are pH neutral which minimise risk to safety. When engaging our services, you may consider including bathroom and cleaning consumables in your contract to avoid the need to be concerned about diminishing cleaning chemical stock levels.

    Working harmoniously with your work area

    The Australian Construction industrial cleaning team in Perth is flexible enough to adjust our work according to your business requirements. We form a service schedule that suits your operating hours, including working during off-peak periods. We even uniform match your employees for minimal disruption. Our team appreciates that working sites vary, and we provide customised industrial cleaning packages that suit your organisation’s needs.

    Our tailored packages ensure that we take care of your industrial cleaning needs so that you can concentrate on your company’s core business. Our industrial cleaning service in Perth provides inspection cleans, machinery cleaning, building site clean-ups and waste management. You have peace of mind knowing that our professional team appreciates that your workplace is unique, and handles your cleaning accordingly. Call us for your industrial cleaning free custom quote today.

    Office cleaning service

    We provide high-quality cleaning services at affordable rates to suit any business. Our company has cleaned offices in Perth for years, and we understand having a clean office environment is essential for people to enjoy visiting. Our friendly staff has intensive training and great attention to detail, creating a spotless workplace for your staff to thrive in. 

    We are proud to give you a pleasant, clean and fresh surrounding for your clients and staff using an expert cleaning service. We value our reputation and are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive and hygienic office cleaning. 

    Office cleaning services

    Our skilled team adapts to your business requirements, and we schedule our cleaning services to match your working hours. We acknowledge that each office is different, and we provide customised office cleaning packages to fit your needs. With our personalised packages, you can be sure that we are handling your office cleaning requirements, leaving you to concentrate on your firm’s operations. We provide everything such as post-party office cleanups, supply restocking and emergency office cleaning.

    Medical cleaning service

    We provide superior quality clinical cleaning services for medical and healthcare facilities in Perth. We have vast experience in medical cleaning and have been cleaning medical facilities for years.  Our friendly expert team is specially trained in medical cleaning services, and we are proud to offer these services with attention to detail.

    We prioritise hygiene and safety

    Australian Construction fully comprehends the importance of medical cleaning, and we ensure we give our medical cleaning staff training on the medical sector safety and regulations. We utilise clinical-grade equipment for all our medical cleaning services, and our management staff monitors the medical cleaning staff, ensuring that they always meet safety requirements.

    Give your staff and clients a pleasant medical environment by using an expert medical cleaning service. We give our customers a comprehensive and hygienic medical cleaning service. Our priority is our contractors and employees’ safety and health. So, we have established an occupational health and safety management structure to facilitate practical OHS issues assessment and management. We ensure our staff gets continuous training to make certain they are updated with OHS knowledge in your workplace. 

    Maritime cleaning services

    Australian Construction makes sure that our cleaning staff is fully-equipped to qualify as marine cleaning specialists, and they go through a thorough interview process. After they get approval to work with us, we give them the appropriate equipment to enable them to work in the proper manner. If you want us to clean a navy or have a ship cleaning project, our employees are certified with MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card).

    Maritime services

    We provide the following services:

    • Offshore cleaning
    • Onboard cleaning
    • Deck cleaning
    • Passenger ship cleaning
    • Painting
    • Ship refurbishment cleaning
    • Engine & ship room cleaning
    • Comprehensive mess and gallery cleaning services
    • Jetty facility cleaning

    Additionally, we are proud of our remarkably short turn around in cleaning as ships reload or refuel. Our competent team is well conversant with floating dock cleaning.  If you want more information about our expert maritime cleaning services, do not hesitate to call us. Our team is friendly and helpful and will be happy to give you all the information you need to decide whether to engage our services. 

    School cleaning services

    Do you want us to sanitise and clean your educational facilities? Australian Construction is available to give you efficient school cleaning services. We have a good reputation because of our longstanding professional relationship with educational institutions and schools in Perth.

    Due to the large numbers of occupants in educational institutions, these facilities need proper sanitisation and cleaning. You can entrust our expert team in Perth to provide your staff and students with a healthy, clean school environment. We provide expert school cleaning services, ensuring that your educational facility maintains optimal cleanliness, minimising the occurrence and transmission of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

    We consider the challenges and concerns you have, and we ensure that we give you affordable cleaning packages.


    Choose from our services above, to create a tailored industrial cleaning package for your workplace. You can also speak to our team to enquire about any other cleaning services that we have not mentioned here. Rest assured that our industrial cleaning team in Perth will give your industrial premises thorough and professional cleaning services to cover all your work areas.

    You are welcome to call us any time to discuss your professional industrial cleaning needs!