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    Australian Construction specialises in ensuring your industrial site runs efficiently. Do you need after-hours cleaning or day cleaning? Or do you require both? In that case, you need a committed cleaning company for your industrial cleaning in Rockhampton.

    Moreover, the company should understand how to adhere to quality, safety and environmental standards. Our company meets these standards. Furthermore, our cleaning team is motivated and efficient. Because of this, they work safely and can recognise the risk. Additionally, they work hard to ensure they follow all the quality and safety requirements while working at your site.

    Our team has the expertise and equipment to provide various flexible industrial cleaning services in Rockhampton. Moreover, they suit your site demands. We have skilled commercial cleaners. Because of this, they give you a fully compliant and certified industrial cleaning service. Consequently, it gives you top quality outcomes each day.

    Our specialised industrial cleaning solutions

    Australian Construction has cleaned supply chain warehouses, medical laboratories and transport hubs. Likewise, we have cleaned global food distribution plants. Given this, we provide various industrial cleaning services like:

    • Degreasing
    • Waste and rubbish removal
    • Benches, tubs, sinks
    • Hard surface polishing and scrubbing
    • Grout cleaning
    • High-pressure cleaning of car parks, concrete floors and buildings and more

    We appreciate that each business and site has unique requirements. For this reason, our cleaners undergo rigorous training. So if your site has particular compliance, cultural or operational needs, we have you covered. Our team pays attention to detail and are safety compliant. Also, they use the newest technology and have a strong collaboration culture. More importantly, we keep your site clean.

    Full-time cleaning

    Maybe you want a full-time onsite cleaner. However, you want to avoid the stress of hiring someone else. In that case, do not worry. We can organise for our cleaner to work full time with you. So do not be concerned about payroll or worker’s compensation. In addition, when your cleaner takes days off, we will quickly offer a replacement. Our cleaners are professional and expertly trained. Since they learn about your business intimately, they become part of your team.

    Commercial cleaning

    Your working area is shared. Because of this, your office requires regular and top-level cleaning. As a result, it ensures a healthy working surrounding. Mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic, your office needs regular, efficient and effective cleaning. It stops the spread of dangerous micro-organisms. If possible, have thorough cleaning each week.

    Australian Construction maintains a new look in your office. Additionally, we reduce some of the likely health and safety hazards for your staff. We have vast experience in industrial cleaning in Rockhampton. Because of this, we offer meticulous services all the time.

    Maximising workplace productivity

    When your office is clean and organised, it enhances employee morale. More importantly, it increases your workplace productivity. Mess, dirt and unnecessary clutter lead to distractions. Moreover, it gives visiting clients a negative impression. For this reason, our commercial office cleaners assist in the smooth running of your office, enabling you to resume operations.

    We have professional materials, equipment and tools. As a result, we provide top quality cleaning jobs. An excellent working area reassures your employees of how much you care. Additionally, it gives you peace of mind. We work according to schedule to match a busy office environment. Therefore, we set up a cleaning routine that we customise to your business timetable and needs. Despite your industry and office size, our team delivers a spotless clean. We also handle challenging floor plans.


    At Australian Construction, we are successful in the cleaning industry. The reason is that we regard our clients as people, not as jobs or numbers. So when you work with us, we take time to understand your unique needs.

    Contact us now and learn why we rank # 1 for industrial cleaning in Rockhampton!