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Hire The Best Industrial Cleaning Team In Sydney For Clean And Tidy Premises

    A clean office provides the ideal working area, improving productivity and maintaining a healthy surrounding. When office surroundings are spotless, employees experience a positive vibe.  Staff spends a lot of time in their office, and the place needs to be tidy. Australian Construction surpasses the usual cleaning process to make an area flawless.

    Our industrial cleaning team in Sydney wipes off any dust and keeps all of your documents in their right place. Your staff will not find their things misplaced or moved. You will not notice we were even there, our work will be that seamless! We have cleaned offices for years, and this experience makes us the best industrial cleaning company in Sydney. 

    Our services

    Hire us for any of the following commercial cleaning services:

    • Our competent team cleans all the electrical panels
    • We clean the fridge, sink, and kitchen top to eliminate any oil residue
    • We wipe all the glass panels inside and outside
    • Our team cleans the office electronic components thoroughly, for instance, phones, keyboards and computer screens
    • We cleanse the microwave thoroughly

    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our office cleaners. We have years of experience, and our team has worked with various offices. In all of them, we have provided customised services to meet the customer’s specifications. 

    We clean the office thoroughly, making every section shine. During the cleaning process, we ensure that all the office items go back to their rightful place. Our team does not misplace or lose any items. If you want expert and skilled office cleaners in Sydney, do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation and quotation. Our professionals will visit your office and inspect the areas requiring attention, to provide a tailored cleaning solution. We provide superior quality cleaning services at affordable costs.

    The types of offices we clean

    We have cleaned different offices in Sydney like multi-storey and single floor offices. Our industrial cleaning team in Sydney has cleaned factory outlets, industrial areas and cubicles. We have extensive experience giving us the essential exposure to all kinds of cleaning scenarios and problems, and we demonstrate brilliance in all of our services. 

    Our cleaners are trained and skilled in all areas of office cleaning. Our services are of superior quality at affordable prices.

    We provide the following comprehensive office cleaning services:

    • Electrical circuit panels in-depth cleaning
    • Cleaning the microwave properly.
    • Eliminating stains and oil patches from sinks, kitchen tops, fridge and cupboards
    • Cleaning window panes from the inside and outside
    • Disinfecting telephones, monitors and keyboards
    • Dusting the desktop monitor’s back
    • Mopping, scrubbing and cleaning tiles and floors
    • Premises cleaning
    • Removing stains from floors and walls
    • Carpets vacuum cleaning
    • Disinfecting and sanitising the toilets

    End of lease commercial cleaning

    Our end of lease commercial cleaning service is ideal for when you need to vacate your premises due to its sale or the end of a lease agreement. Prior to vacating, you must ensure that you leave the premises in a reasonable and clean condition- fit for the next owner or tenant.  

    At Australian Construction we understand this, and that is why we ensure that we clean the property thoroughly when you hire us—the industrial cleaning team mops, scrubs and vacuums, eliminating all dust. With our end of lease commercial cleaning services, we can leave your property in a better condition than it was when you moved in.

    We offer the following comprehensive end of lease commercial cleaning service:

    • Steam carpet cleaning
    • Mopping and scrubbing tiles and floors.
    • Cleaning windows from inside and outside
    • Removing stains from walls and floors
    • Removing garbage
    • Cleaning and dusting furniture items
    • Removing stains from walls and floors
    • Removing garbage
    • Cleaning thoroughly to remove the existing odour

    We provide these services to hotels, shops, banks and offices. Call us anytime and give us your specification for customised service.

    High-pressure cleaning

    A building’s exterior plays an essential role in a building’s overall appearance. You might not notice a building’s tidiness, but everyone notices an untidy one! So, you need to focus on your property’s exterior look. Whether it’s an office or commercial building, you should ensure that the property is always clean and well maintained.

    When you use our high-pressure services, we improve the building’s exterior appearance. Use this cleaning service regularly because it would be best for you to pay attention to your facility. Allow us to clean your property regularly to improve its shelf life. It also avoids you from spending significant amounts of time on repairs and maintenance in the future.

    At Australian Construction, we utilise sophisticated cleaning services to improve your property’s appearance. We adhere to an environment friendly cleaning process that leaves your property sparkling and shining in no time. We provide our comprehensive pressure cleaning range of services to:

    • Corporate buildings
    • Village structures
    • Shopping complexes
    • Medical facilities like hospitals
    • Educational facilities like universities and schools

    Benefits of commercial pressure cleaning services

    • Improved building longevity
    • Reduced maintenance problems
    • Prevention of cosmetic damage to the property
    • Improved the building premises look
    • Removal of mildew and mould, preventing the surfaces from turning slippery

    Our comprehensive cleaning services include:

    • Cleaning government buildings
    • Cleaning motels and hotels
    • Factory and industry cleaning

    Shop & retail cleaners

    Cleaning a retail space is a very different exercise when compared to commercial and office cleaning. You should ensure that your shop or store remains spotless and clean throughout. Australian Construction cleaners adhere to a detailed and specific retail cleaning service routine, giving our customers a better experience all the time.

    Maintaining the ship’s cleanliness

    Before carrying out our retail cleaning service, our professionals contact you. They visit your store and inspect the premises and give you a suitable customised cleaning strategy.

    • Maintaining cleanliness in the shop
    • Cleaning the displayed items regularly
    • Chrome items special cleaning treatment
    • Dusting different items in the shop
    • Cleaning windows inside and outside


    Australian Construction ranks top when it comes to providing ideal industrial cleaning solutions to various industries. Whether the job requires implementing heavy duty cleaning methods, light-duty cleaning application, our team confidently and efficiently delivers.

    We provide cleaning solutions to suit your requirements. Our industrial cleaning team in Sydney will work with you to create an appropriate cleaning solution for your needs. Our highly specialised workforce understands the industries intricacies, and we use sophisticated equipment and tools to provide perfect cleaning outcomes.

    When you work with us, you are assured that your premises remain clean, safe and effective, so do not hesitate to call us today!