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    At Australian Construction, we understand it is vital to maintain impeccable cleanliness standards in your office structure. Therefore we offer exceptional industrial cleaning in Toowoomba. Furthermore you need trustworthy services for your office cleaning needs. 

    Today it is a mandatory requirement for all commercial businesses to maintain a clean and sanitary office surrounding. When your office is clean, it provides a healthy and safe surrounding for your visitors, colleagues and clients.

    In light of this, our well-trained cleaners scrub everything clean. You might be working in a multi-level office. Or perhaps you recently set up a new shop. Regardless we clean your interior and exterior. Therefore we give you premises to make you proud.

    Commercial carpet cleaning

    Australian Construction provides superior quality carpet cleaning. We offer these services to your commercial business or premises. Moreover, we only use ideal cleaning products for our industrial cleaning in Toowoomba. For this reason, we give your carpets an excellent clean. 

    These services are best for schools, hotels and malls. We also undertake carpet cleaning for restaurants. Our personalised and quality cleaning services suit all sized businesses. Additionally, we utilise the most effective, latest equipment and products. As a result, your carpets remain fresh, clean and hygienic.

    Regular cleaning services

    Australian Construction Services tailors our cleaning programmes to your precise needs. Likewise, we carry out our work at your convenience. Because of this, we can work after hours, for instance late or early in the evening. Also, we work over the weekend and public holidays as well.

    Commitment to quality

    Australian Construction is committed to top standards. Furthermore, we are ISO certified. We have established inspection, monitoring and assessment systems. It includes health & safety methods, thereby giving you a practical, professional and safe service.

    Industrial cleaning & maintenance

    Regardless of your kind of factory, we clean your whole facility. Therefore it passes any inspection. Our competent team maintains your industrial and commercial premises effectively. We also handle the dirty work allowing you and your staff to focus on your work. Australian Construction customises our cleaning programmes according to your exact requirements. 

    Hard floors cleaning

    Australian Construction cleans all your floors at once. Given this, you do not need to hire several contractors. Hence you save time and money. Not only do we clean carpets but also offer cleaning services on hard floor timber. For example, we clean vinyl, tiles and timber. Comparatively, the team removes more grime and dirt than regular mopping. 

    As a result, your floor looks refreshed and extremely clean. Our technicians utilise superior products. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly. Our company offers all work with a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore do not postpone cleaning your floors any more!

    Industrial vacuum services

    Australian Construction provides effective, safe, quick and reliable solutions for industrial waste cleaning. Moreover, we recover partly processed material spillages. We carry out this procedure in industries like metals smelting, refining and mineral processing.

    Our firm has various heavy-duty vacuum systems. Because of this, we undertake heavy mining and industrial applications. The vacuum units are appropriate for discharging, suctioning and transporting liquids and dangerous substances, for example, substances like fats, sludge, liquids, oils, fuels, industrial products and chemicals.

    ​The Australian Construction top-notch vacuum units handle different industrial products like cement, alumina, clay, dust etc. We also handle mill scale, ore, oil spills, slurries and metal chips.


    Our industrial cleaning services in Toowoomba are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. We have highly trained and friendly staff. So they can cater to all your cleaning requirements. The technology we use is advanced and hence improves our services.

    Our quality services are available for all sized businesses. For this reason, building and property owners prefer us. Additionally, we are popular among management firms and various commercial enterprises.

    Talk to us today about all your industrial cleaning needs.