Skilled Industrial Cleaning Team In Townsville For All Types Of Cleaning


Enjoy A Cleaner And Healthier Environment With Professional Industrial Cleaning

    Your office represents your company’s face. Australian Construction can transform your business, ensuring that it is perfectly positioned to create the best impression to its clients. Our highly trained industrial cleaning team in Townsville is committed to giving all our valued customers lasting solutions to make your office spotless. We can protect your investment and make it more valuable.

    Our skilled team in Townsville integrates with every business, finds out each premises features, and treats the facilities like their own. So, you do not need to be concerned about your building’s cleaning services. Our priority is our clients’ satisfaction, and our work quality and dedication attest to this. We keep our promises every single time!

    Periodic, regular and maintenance cleaning

    The industrial cleaning team Townsville has experience in providing maintenance, periodic and regular commercial cleaning services to various commercial sites. To know the tasks the contract includes, we present a detailed written work schedule specific to your premises. We give our staff schedules to follow, and we work with them from the beginning of the contract and frequently monitor, ensuring quality control.

    Australian Construction avoids lock-in contracts because we are confident that our work is self-evident. Many businesses confirm our excellent work. We offer different types of commercial cleaning in all areas of business. We exploy extra staff who are well-trained and know your site well. Therefore, if a staff member falls sick or is unable to report to work for some reason, we have other staff who can stand in and cover that individual’s shift to avoid loss of service.

    Glazing and glass cleaning

    Our industrial cleaning service in Townsville offers various glazing and glass cleaning services:

    • Frequent planned shop-front cleaning
    • Regular planned commercial cleaning
    • Cleaning glass for new builders
    • External and internal
    • It can be monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly and weekly
    • Sticker and signage (residue) removal.

    Exterior and interior tile cleaning

    Australian Construction has numerous procedures for cleaning grout and tiles, depending on their condition and type. Our cleaning mainly involves a combination of numerous methods that include:

    • Alkaline and acid washing
    • Machine & hand scrubbing
    • Suction and team blasting
    • Sealing grout lines
    • Pressure cleaning

    The sealed grout prevents grime and moisture from getting inside the sub-surface structure; it makes cleaning much simpler and successful. We use the clear seal to maintain the grout’s natural colour and is appropriate for new grout, and for thoroughly cleaned and maintained grout where the grouts natural colour is suitable. Sealing is necessary for the grout to be dry and clean. We apply it meticulously by hand using customised tools.

    Commercial end of lease cleaning

    Australian Construction’s industrial cleaning team in Townsville offers services to retail shops, warehouses, offices, workshops and other commercial buildings. It forms part of many lease agreements to restore the premises to a good standard, enabling the landlord to lease the premises again. We provide all external and internal cleaning services to avoid issues when handing over the premises.

    We mainly carry out commercial exit cleans in:

    • Workshop areas
    • Lunchrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Toilets
    • Showrooms
    • Offices

    Our skilled team handles all necessary cleaning areas like furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and fixtures. Externally, we provide cleaning to buildings, roofs, paths, driveways, bins and path areas, and lawn and garden services care. Our company gives quotes for services or provide services on an hourly basis.

    Dental and medical centre cleaning

    • Our staff understands the essentials needed to maintain high standard cleanliness and hygiene in a medical facility. We integrate these qualities into our services and ensure our team follows these standards:
    • Disinfection is mandatory for high-touch areas, cleaning materials and surfaces, and decontamination is carried out by our team at all the services.
    • Our team uses coloured mop heads to avoid cross-contamination of areas.
    • We clean and sterilise our mop heads in bleach before using them in every service.
    • Our cleaning agents contain hospital grade disinfectants. Our team uses cleaning solutions for every service and disposes of them safely.
    • We use sterile cleaning cloths (disposable) is preferable to general dusting.
    • Australian Construction does not use brooms. We use HEPA filtration vacuuming and mopping for cleaning all hard floors.
    • During each service, we disinfect all shared items, high touch items and all toys.
    • We disinfect ceiling returns and vents to decrease air-borne contaminants
    • Our team considers contaminated waste and bodily fluids as dangers, and we use suitable PPE for cleaning and dispose of it in clinical waste bins.

    Sports & leisure centre cleaning

    All sports and leisure centres are different and have different cleaning needs depending upon the individual centres requirements. Each day, many people use these facilities, and it is essential to give your members a clean and safe surrounding by ensuring regular cleaning and disinfecting services. 

    Your facility may require mopping each day to clean up after the heavy foot traffic, or it may need a spring-clean now and then. Whatever the requirement, we have you covered. The sports and leisure cleaning our industrial cleaning team in Townsville provides, focuses on floors, change rooms, clubrooms, common areas and washrooms. We use sanitation methods and cleaning products to sanitise, leaving these areas spotless and inviting for your esteemed patrons.

    Educational facilities cleaning services

    Schools and daycares are among the most challenging surroundings to keep clean especially on a daily basis. But, its cleanliness is vital in presenting a healthy environment for both the staff and the children in attendance. It also communicates to parents your organisation’s excellence and professionalism.

    We have efficient quality control processes and our managers conduct frequent facility inspections to ensure that we clean your school to your high standards. Whether you need periodic cleans or daily cleaning services even during the school holidays, our industrial cleaning team in Townsville is ready to help you!

    Daycare and school cleaning services

    • Vacuuming, mopping and steam cleaning all floor coverings and floors.
    • Frequent anti-bacterial cleaning of used surfaces like chairs, computers, desks, sinks, whiteboards, benches and countertops.
    • Window cleaning
    • Toilets 
    • Staff room space cleaning
    • Vinyl floors strip and seal
    • Basket court, gymnasiums, play areas cleaning and any other cleaning need you have.


    The Australian Construction industrial cleaning team in Townsville is highly trained and skilled, and specialises in construction, sports and leisure, and other commercial cleaning projects. We appreciate that safety is essential, and our cleaners strictly follow quality standards and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations at all times.

    Call us today, and it will be our pleasure to meet all your cleaning needs in Townsville!