Wagga Wagga Industrial Cleaning Services By Australian Construction


    For many years Australian Construction has helped businesses with comprehensive commercial cleaning. We offer premium industrial cleaning in Wagga Wagga. Our industry experience is proven, and our portfolio is full of happy clients! We have a team of skilled, professional and committed people.

    Therefore, you have peace of mind.  Our work is essential to your commercial kitchen’s safety, health and compliance. Moreover, our cleaning services are broad and reliable. We provide restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning services. It includes filter cleaning services and cleaning exchanges. Also, our company handles your cool rooms, exhaust, ducts, canopy maintenance or cleaning.

    Commercial kitchen cleaning

    We are a top commercial kitchen cleaning firm. Because of this, we have many satisfied clients in the corporate and hospitality sector. When we clean and maintain your business, it helps you prevent damage and expensive repairs. Moreover, it avoids costly business disruptions and ensures compliance with us. Additionally, we offer routine and planning services to help you flourish.  Our industrial cleaning in Wagga Wagga includes:

    • Buying and replacing kitchen filters
    • Deep cleaning all surface areas
    • Cleaning canopy range hoods, ducts and kitchen exhaust systems
    • Polishing your cool rooms
    • Cleaning kitchen surfaces located more than 2 metres high.

    Our team of experts also cleans canopy range hood as part of our maintenance work. They clean it outside and inside, ensuring that they eliminate hidden fat and grease. As professionals, not only do we value appealing looks but also thorough cleaning.

    We also clean and maintain your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system.  The procedure is vital for your kitchen’s maximum performance. Moreover, it helps you in avoiding health and safety issues. When your commercial kitchen is compliant, you avoid contaminants like debris, dust and other pollutants.

    It is vital for your kitchen’s optimal performance. Furthermore, it helps you prevent hygiene and safety problems. We offer superior duct cleaning services. Because of this, you avoid exposing your clients and staff to danger.

    Your staff can handle standard cleaning and your business daily needs. However, deep cleaning your business’s kitchen needs experts like Australian Construction Services. Given this, we ensure we clean your shelves, door and appliances thoroughly. Additionally, we help with hard to reach surfaces and high cleaning requirements. Our team also ensures your cool room is in a good state. This section is mainly ignored. However, cleanliness is as vital here as for other areas of your commercial kitchen.

    Our professional team is experienced and provides the highest standards. In light of this, we offer a polished and practical commercial kitchen. More importantly, we maintain safety. So you can relax knowing you have a compliant business and safeguards in place to avoid fire incidents.

    Chemical cleaning

    Australian Construction offers quality specific cleaning services. We remove ion build-ups, toxic residues and scales. In addition, we eliminate scales from vessels, heat exchangers, pipes and reservoirs. Our chemical washing solutions are safe and customised. Moreover, we work according to schedule. For chemical waste disposal or boiler cleaning services, we are available to help.

    We provide chemical cleaning that entails cleaning up your equipment. As a result, it prevents corrosion. Our expert team carries out line drying, sanitisation and degreasing. In addition, they perform acid collection, fluid rinsing, water flushing. We carry out chemical cleaning and use the correct equipment.


    At Australian Construction, we appreciate the importance of top-quality industrial cleaning in Wagga Wagga. However, it may be challenging to maintain your premises and environment. For this reason, we use a comprehensive method to deliver standard top cleaning. We use ideal disinfectants and cleaners, and cleaning methods.

    Call us today for the best industrial cleaning services in Wagga Wagga!