Your Local Industrial Cleaning Service In Wollongong By Aus Construction


    At Australian Construction our staff is specially trained for your facilities. Moreover, we note the areas that need cleaning. Additionally, we check specialist furniture and appliances. We have customised industrial cleaning services in Wollongong. As a result, we ensure we provide you and your staff with a safe, healthy and clean environment.

    Our superior quality cleaning service is not only reliable but also flexible. We carry out a comprehensive audit such as bacteria monitoring. Additionally, we undertake swab testing and air health checks. Due to this, we determine the exact needs for your facilities. It enables our commercial cleaner to concentrate on ignored sections of your premises—for example, an area like carpet cleaning.

    We have top quality commercial cleaning services.  Additionally, we customise our services to any industry category you should meet. As a result, you can get ready for any planned or unplanned audits (that is, in the food sector).

    Kinds of commercial cleaning

    At Australian Construction we clean factories and hospitals. Additionally we clean schools, restaurants and a lot more. Furthermore, we customise schedules to suit our customers. We do not provide a standardised service or product. Instead, we listen to you and examine your premises. We then set up a cleaning program suitable for your schedule, budget and facilities.

    Our company handles all body and scheduling corporate needs. Moreover, we are glad to work according to your business time constraints. Because of this, we ensure minimal effect on everyday operations. We provide industrial cleaning services in Wollongong for:

    • Office areas and commercial premises
    • Retail spaces
    • Storage facilities
    • Government facilities
    • Bars and restaurants
    • Share spaces
    • School facilities
    • Commercial kitchens
    • Food manufacturing plants
    • Industrial cleaning
    • Medical facilities

    No project is too small.

    Despite the size of your premises our cleaning firm is equipped to handle it. We offer a committed cleaning team sized depending on your schedule and premises needs. Furthermore, this team is equipped with all the necessities. As a result, they keep your facilities clean, for instance:

    • Carpet cleaning steamers
    • High-pressure cleaners
    • Window cleaning equipment
    • Re-sealing and buffing equipment for vinyl surfaces
    • Deep cleaning sanitary chemicals and equipment

    Our expert cleaning service utilises non-toxic chemicals. Moreover, the chemicals are ozone-friendly. Consequently, it ensures your staff remains healthy.  The Australian Construction staff checks the air quality frequently. So your work area remains healthy for people living with asthma. In other words, it reduces possible disease outbreaks.

    Responsible cleaning

    We use our tailored CMS system for managing our customer’s cleaning schedules. In addition, we have a user-controlled audit system. It facilitates customised automated check lists as well as detailed inspection reports. Because of this, manual auditing is unnecessary.

    Our professional team records the rooms and equipment they have cleaned on your premises during a regular cleaning appointment. Also, they take detailed photos and notes. After this, they update your delegated staff of any concerns. They also note any batch numbers and cleaning products. For this reason, we ensure quality and inform you when we clean your facilities.

    Moreover, it enables better maintenance planning. In case of unplanned business changes, you can contact us at any time. We work within the Wollongong area for standard commercial areas. Therefore we always have someone available at all times for emergency cleaning services.

    Cleaning commercial industries

    Our cleaning staff has experience in specialised companies. Coupled with this, they are equipped to handle any particular cleaning issues that your facilities experience. Apart from retail spaces, office spaces, and commercial businesses, we have specialist-cleaning experience in particular commercial industries. 

    For example, we offer cleaning services to medical facilities, construction and building and food facilities. Also, we provide cleaning services for high access areas like billboards and high-rises.


    Australian Construction is proud to train and hire expert cleaners. Additionally our cleaners are committed to the industry. We have built our business culture around top cleaning standards. More importantly our training techniques ensure consistent and reliable services.

    So call us today for quality industrial cleaning services in Wollongong!