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Service To Expect From Brisbane Industrial Coatings

    Industrial coating is about paint, but this is not your typical paint job for the wall of a house. You need your industrial coatings specialist in Brisbane to get the job done right. There are a number of factors involved when considering a coatings service, and here at Australian Construction, we will explain to you the various factors you need to consider, to ensure that you hire the right team for the job.

    1. Paint application

    Industrial paint is not your normal paint. The chemicals used are different. For example, most standard paint jobs use only enamel, but industrial paint jobs have several options like polyurethane, acrylic, zinc, and epoxy.

    For industrial applications, more preparation processes are needed. For example, typical sanding is not going to work. If the project requires the painting of the floor, we need to ensure that the substrate is adequately prepared.

    For concrete, we use specialised equipment to grind the floor. This should even out the floor surface and give way to the paint to adhere. If the kind of industrial coating you selected is epoxy, then the floor does not have to be ground to perfection than if you had selected paint.

    The same thing goes for painting metal. We need to know how it will be used. For example, the paint used for storage tanks that are exposed under the sun is different from interior storage tanks. The weather condition and your environment are also factors, that we have to consider.

    Some paints are great at resisting water, and some are great at fighting corrosion. We need to take all of these into account to ensure that the right coating is used for the right material.

    2. Coating consultancy

    Your contractor must also be able to offer coating consultancy. Industrial projects are huge, and the last thing you want is to waste money.

    In the consulting process, you will tell the contractor what your plan is, and what your goals are. You will discuss why you need the service, and how you intend to use the equipment, or what part of your buildings structure you want to get coated.  

    The contractor must understand your goals, and use their expertise to recommend the right kind of paint for the job. This recommendation has to be based on science, not guesswork. Only an expert like our industrial coatings contractors on the Gold Coast can do this!

    Australian Construction have over 20 years of expertise in industrial coating services. We know the different types of paints, primers, and how they should be used. We also understand which types of paints should be used on specific materials.

    This knowledge is crucial to the longevity of your structure. If you have seen storage tanks, flooring, or walls that have chipped paint, you can guess that the contractor did not do a good job. This is what you want to avoid because a botched paint job means you will have to spend money again.

    3. Repairs against corrosion

    Corrosion is the number one enemy of anyone in the industrial business. There is no way you can prevent it, but there are ways to prolong the longevity of the metal.

    The contractor you hire must be able to provide corrosion repairs – one of the services we provide here at Australian Construction. We can fix and restore your storage tanks, concrete walls and floors. We will also fix the root cause of the problem, such as leaks. Once done, we will use high-quality primers and apply a final coat.

    Our anti-corrosion services do not stop there. We will make sure that once we are done, your tank, floor, or any structure in your building will pass government requirements and standards.

    So far, these are the three main services you should expect from a contractor. If the contractor cannot provide these services, you must consider looking elsewhere.

    How should you choose a contractor? 

    Now that you know what to expect from a contractor, it is time to learn how to choose one. Below are some of the tips we can share.

    • License – hire a contractor who has a license from the government to operate. A license is indicative that the contractor has passed the various requirements of the government, and that they have the proper educational background to facilitate the job.
    • As you know, Australia has a Building Code, and contractors and owners of structures must follow this code. If you work with a licensed contractor, you have the assurance that they will do their jobs according to these expectations.
    • Experience – how long has the contractor been doing this type of work? Ideally, you have to work with contractors who have been in business for a long while. This ensures that the contractor has adequate experience to get the job done.

    Australian Construction has been in the business for many years. We have been exposed to all sorts of problems, and have learned so many things in the past. As such, we can preempt problems and prevent botched jobs from happening.

    You may also want to check the reputation of the contractor that you are considering to engage. Ask your friends if they have worked with this contractor before. Choose a contractor that has a positive reputation, one that is known to keep his end of the bargain. The last thing you want is to deal with a contractor who does not finish the project!  

    Summary: Brisbane industrial coatings

    If you are building an industrial facility, like a big commercial complex, water tanks, concrete flooring, rooftop flooring, and others, you need the expertise of an industrial coatings contractor like our industrial coatings specialists in Brisbane.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction, and we will be happy to be of service to you. We have been in this industry for over 20 years, and we know everything there is to know about industrial coats!

    We can schedule a meeting so we can understand further what you need, or we can visit your site so we can see the structure. We will assess the job requirement. Once this is done, we will provide you with a quote, which will also have the job specifications covered by the quote so that we are on the same understanding. From there, we can move on and get started with your project!