The Commercial And Industrial Coatings In Bunbury You Can Trust!

Bunbury Industrial Coatings

Bunbury Industrial Coatings

    “What type of coating do you need for industrial coatings in Bunbury?”

    This is the first thing that contractors will ask you. You can ask them to explain each type. However, you can save a lot more time if you acquaint yourself with the topic beforehand.

    To help you with this, we’ve provided five of the most common coats used in the process. You can use this as a reference for your future project.

    Polyurethane Coating

    First up, we have polyurethane coating. This is probably the most used on the list. With this, you will be able to provide general protection for your surfaces. Although this can stand alone, this is often applied alongside other coatings. For the latter, this will serve as the topcoat.

    In terms of results, this will provide a glossy finish. You can expect your materials to maintain their smooth surface. This coating will protect it from scratches and abrasion.

    There are two types that the project can decide on. The first one is aliphatic coating. The second one is aromatic coating. Both serve different purposes, but they both retain their protective qualities.

    Epoxy Coating

    The next on our list about industrial coatings in Bunbury is epoxy coating. Here, the process will need two materials. These are the epoxy base and a curing agent. The team will mix these before application.

    Its ratio will vary on what the project needs. This also has multiple subtypes because of the vast choices for the base.

    This focuses on protecting the surface from moisture. As this is naturally thick, you can expect durability. You can prevent both weathering and abrasions through this.

    One disadvantage of this coat is that it’s weak against sunlight. This isn’t preferred for outside use, especially for steel.

    Alkyd Coating

    An alkyd coating is a combination of alcohol and acid. These two form a resin that allows the forming of protective films. These films prevent external threats from seeping on the surface.

    This is not commonly used for projects that require great protection. While this is not as durable as the former coatings, it is ideal for minimal needs. Alkyd can be a good weapon against aging. This is also capable of improving aesthetic qualities.

    Even so, the best thing about this is that it is ideal even in a water-based environment.

    Zinc-Rich Coating

    From the name itself, this coating has zinc in its mixture. This is mainly for steel surfaces to fight corrosion.

    Instead of the steel, the coating will absorb rust first. In this way, it can delay or totally prevent quality risks. This will serve as a barrier.

    Zinc-rich coating can either be organic or inorganic. The project owner and their team can choose according to their preference.

    This can be both a primer and a single coat. If used as the former, this will need additional coatings. Usually, workers use more durable ones like polyurethane.

    Acrylic Coating

    The last one in this article is acrylic coating. This is for retaining a surface’s colour and appearance. This is most useful for surfaces that are constantly exposed to sunlight and water. With this, surfaces are less prone to fading and aging. Those with vibrant colours can also become more durable.

    Another purpose of this is to ensure that the main coating can stick better. Because of this, it can serve both as a primer and a standalone. This will depend on the project’s needs.

    Summary: Industrial Coatings in Bunbury

    Knowing the various types of coating is essential. This will help you make the right decisions for the process. Even so, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor if you need help.

    For contractor services, our team at Bunbury is available. We recommend reaching out to us if you want to know more. We also conduct site visits around the city.