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Mackay Industrial Coatings

Mackay Industrial Coatings

    If you think you need industrial coatings in Mackay, take a step back first before you decide. Mackay is understandably famous for its sugar-cane farming industry, but mining is now the focus of the area.

    As such, the mining business, and other businesses for that matter, need industrial coatings. But what is it and do you really need it? If you do, how should you choose a contractor?

    These are the things that we will address today. In the end, we are hoping that the information we provide can help you make the right decision.

    What is the industrial coating?

    Industrial coatings in Mackay is a process where your goal is to protect material. Often, we use industrial coating for steel and concrete—we want to prevent corrosion.

    One thing that people often misunderstand is that painting and industrial coating are the same. While painting can also provide protection, it does not even come close to what industrial coating can provide.

    Here are the common areas where we use industrial coating:

    • Storage tanks
    • Metals and steel
    • Concrete flooring and walls
    • Toys
    • Cars
    • Appliances
    • Bikes, motorcycles, and more

    As you know the painting on a car feels different from common paints that you can buy from stores. This is because car painting uses industrial coating products.

    Overall, you need an industrial coating to protect something inside. The main goal is to prevent the material from corroding.

    What are the types of industrial coating? 

    There are two main types of industrial coating products. These are epoxy and polyurethane. We are not saying that these are the only types you can choose from. They are simply the most common.

    Epoxy is the glue that you use. It is a chemical that hardens and becomes inert plastic once dry. Epoxy coating is often found in industrial complexes like flooring and countertops.

    Polyurethane is one of the most popular options for industrial coatings in Mackay. It is thinner than epoxy once it dries, so it is the most commonly used coat. It is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, oxidation, and it can even work well underwater.  

    The type of coating you use depends on the material. For best results, you have to hire a contractor to help you choose the right one.

    How should you hire a contractor for industrial coating? 

    There are many contractors that offer industrial coating, but you should beware. Our general advice is that you should only hire contractors who have a license. This way, you know that they have the proper credentials to operate.

    Second, you must only work with contractors who have experience. Preferably, work with contractors who have been in this business for a long while. This guarantees that the contractor knows what he is doing and that your project will not be experimental.

    We at Australian Construction have been in this business for over 20 years. If you have any need for industrial coating or any construction project, give us a call so we can help you.

    Summary: Industrial Coatings in Mackay

    If there are things that we did not answer here, do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our experts will be more than happy to serve you.

    On one hand, you may be sure that you need an industrial contractor. In this case, you may need a price quote. Just use our “request quote” form so we can give you an estimate. Give us the details of your project and we will respond to you shortly.

    Finally, you have the option of scheduling a meeting with us. We will do an ocular inspection of your site or factor. If we do this, we can better assess the project and give you a better price quote and plan.