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Perth Industrial Coatings: What Is Industrial Coating?

    Do you need an industrial coatings service in Perth? If so, why? Today, we will share with you one important aspect of this construction specialisation. We want you to understand what industrial coating is, and this will help you make an informed decision whether you need it or not.

    Aircraft, ships, and vehicles

    The coatings used for these are not the same as your house paint. Especially so if they are used for military purposes. For one, aircraft and ships need special coating because if they are exposed to different elements as compared with a building.

    For vehicles, the industrial coating is used during the manufacturing process. The kinds of coating that you see in body shops are refinish coatings. The application of paints like this has some strict controls. The reason being is that they do not use the same chemicals as the ones you use for houses and typical paint jobs.

    General industrial coatings

    This is a common term used in many industries. This is a type of coating used in a lot of types of materials. Examples of these are steel, plastic, wood, glass, and even aluminium. For metals, coatings are used in nuts and bolts. For wood, these are coatings used to protect the wood. Industrial general coatings are a little different from those that are used in construction.

    Construction grade coatings

    This is where we at Australian Construction specialise in. As contractors, we paint the façade and flooring of our clients. Since we work mostly on large-scale projects such as warehouses, dams, and storage tanks, we are well aware of the different application systems of industrial coatings.

    The two most common types of coatings we use are polyurethane and epoxy. Polyurethane is great for outdoor use. It has anti-abrasion capabilities, and it can work well underwater. However, it is not as durable as epoxy, and may sometimes be more expensive.

    Epoxy, on the other hand, is tough as a rock. The only thing about epoxy is that it is somewhat difficult to use. Epoxy needs a hardener, and it has to be mixed in the right ratio. If not, the poxy is not going to cure.

    Epoxy coating is most often used on floors. However, there are also many kinds of paint where the main component is epoxy. Most of these are epoxy primers whose main purpose is to protect the layer underneath, especially metal.

    Intumescent coatings

    Industrial coating is also often used for steelwork. One kind used is called intumescent coating. If applied to metal, and then there is fire, this coating acts as a protective barrier for the steel, giving it structural integrity.

    For industrial coatings like this, they have to be tested first. There are requirements that have to be met, and only a qualified industrial coatings contractor can get this done.

    Marine coating

    Another use for industrial coating is marine equipment. Earlier, we touched on the subject of ships, but we will discuss it further here.

    The most common uses of marine industrial coating services are:

    • Ships
    • Tankers


    •  cruise ships
    • Tugs
    • Yachts

    This kind of coating is used on the topsides and the waterline. They possess anti-fouling properties, and they also reduce drag while the ship is moving.

    All anti-fouling coatings are heavily controlled. There is a United Nations agency called the International Maritime Organization, and they are the ones that set the standards. Contractors are required to obtain a license to get this kind of coating.

    How to hire the right industrial coatings contractor

    So far, the above are the common uses of industrial coating. If your business belongs to any of these industries, then you certainly need a specialised industrial coatings contractor.

    But how should you hire one? Below are some of our tips.

    1. Must have a license

    A license to operate is an indication that the contractor provides a legitimate service. It demonstrates that they have passed the requirements of the government and that they understand what is expected of them. Licensed contractors have permits to operate, and you have the assurance that they will perform their duties within the boundaries of the Australian Building Code.  

    2. Must have the right experience 

    The right experience means they should have worked on similar projects in the past. Also, they must have adequate experience in the industry. We have been in business at Australian Construction, for over 20 years.

    Why is this important? It is important because tenure is an indication that the contractor has been exposed to many types of situations. We have seen all sorts of problems during our lifetime in the industry. As such, we can anticipate these problems and prevent them from happening.

    3. Must be dependable

    The last thing you have to check is dependability. Make sure that the contractor is one that you can rely on. Ask around for the contractor’s reputation. Ask your friends, families, and your colleagues. Another method you can use is to validate online. Visit their pages, or go to websites like Trustpilot and see whether there are any reviews on their service.

    Use these three things as your benchmark when hiring an industrial coatings service in Perth. If the services that you are considering does not possess these qualities, then it is advisable that you look for another one.

    Take your time when deciding on the contractor for you. Projects like these are too expensive, and a mistake may cost you financially if you do not take due care.  

    Summary: Perth industrial coatings contractor

    Industrial coating is not for everyone. It is used for industrial complexes, warehouses, and manufacturing. If you think your premises requires this type of coating or paint job, we encourage you to consult with our expert industrial coatings team in Perth.

    Call us at Australian Construction, and we will be happy to speak with you about your needs, and answer any questions that you may have. If we have to visit your site, then we will schedule an ocular inspection. From there, we can determine the right kind of industrial coating service that you will need, and if this is agreeable to you, our engineers will commence drafting a plan for your premises.

    We will present you with a quote. This quote will include the job specifications, the materials we will use, and the price of the project, so that we are all on the same page. We then can move further from there, and if required, can make some adjustments to the plan as per your requirements.