Superb Commercial And Industrial Coatings In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Industrial Coatings

Toowoomba Industrial Coatings

    You may be thinking you need to avail of industrial coatings in Toowoomba, but do you really need it? As the largest inland city in Queensland, Toowoomba is a major centre for business. You want to make sure that your establishment is in its prime condition.

    But is industrial coating the thing that you need? Today, we want to help you make this decision. We will explain what industrial coating is, what its applications are, and how you can make better use of them.

    What are industrial coatings?

    Industrial coatings are not simple to paint chemicals. They are products that were made for specific purposes. Generally speaking, their purpose is to protect the thing that they are coating.

    Here are some examples:

    • Metals
    • Appliances
    • Toys
    • Pipes
    • Concrete

    Sometimes, a type of industrial coating has two purposes—one for function and one for aesthetic. Most of the time, industrial coating is the preferred option for engineers to fight against the corrosion of concrete and steel.

    It is impossible to list all the uses of industrial coating here. Surely, you have seen a car. You may have noticed that the paint is different from other materials that you have seen. This is because car paint is a kind of industrial coating.

    Industrial coating is also ever-present in fire-prone areas like buildings for manufacturing. The same goes with buildings that house products—warehouses.  

    The benefit of industrial coatings in Toowoomba is that it extends the life of materials. If the engineers used industrial coating for your products or your building, you could expect them to last for decades. Take note that industrial coating is not just for buildings but also for other products like bikes jewellery, and many more.

    Main types of industrial coating

    There are many types of industrial coating materials. However, there are two that comes to mind because they are the most common ones. These are epoxy and polyurethane.

    • Epoxy – this is not the kind of epoxy that you buy from a store to glue things together. An epoxy coating is a liquid that becomes inert plastic once it is dry. They are what we call thermo-set plastics. The way they work is that you have to mix at least two different chemical compounds. Epoxy is tough, resistant to abrasion, other chemicals, and can even work underwater.
    • Polyurethane – also called poly-coating, is a polymer that is made from the residue of petroleum. Poly products are thinner compared to epoxy once dry, but it has advantages over epoxy. Polyurethane is resistant to ultraviolet rays, but epoxy is not. This is why epoxy will yellow over time. In some cases, poly is used to coat over the epoxy.  

    Polyurethane is also resistant to abrasion and other chemicals. As such, it is not uncommon for furniture makers to coat their products with polyurethane. This chemical can also come in semi-gloss, matte, or glossy finishes.

    Summary: Industrial Coatings in Toowoomba

    There are many things to discuss industrial coatings—so many that we cannot put all of them here. If you have a question or if you need clarity, please give us a call at 1800-155-881. One of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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