Top Tier Commercial And Industrial Coatings In Wollongong

Wollongong Industrial Coatings

Wollongong Industrial Coatings

    Do you really need industrial coatings in Wollongong? Before you hire a contractor, you need to know if this is the right service for you. Today, we will show you the different services that you can expect from a contractor.

    However, our list is just going to cover the basics. There are so many things that an expert in industrial coatings can do. In the end, we are hoping that this tutorial can help you decide whether or not you need this type of contractor.

    Paint Application

    The first service that you can expect from us is to apply paint to your establishment. Please note that this is not normal paint. There is a different kind of paint that we use for industrial coatings.

    For example, many paint jobs will use enamel, acrylic, and such. However, industrial coatings require more complex chemicals. Examples of the ones we use are zinc, epoxy, and polyurethane.

    These types of paint for industrial coatings in Wollongong are great for floors, walls, metal tanks, pipes, and even products. Also, we need to prepare the substrate in a different way. It is not as simple as scrubbing it and then applying a primer.

    For industrial coatings, we want to achieve a certain surface before we apply the industrial paint. Typical sanding is not going to work. For example, we need shot blasters and diamond grinders to prepare your floor before we apply any kind of industrial coating.

    Coating Consultancy

    You can also use the services of a contractor for consultancy. If you need to do some industrial coating, it will do you well if you talk to an expert first.

    As you know, any kind of industrial project for industrial coatings in Wollongong is huge. As such, the last thing that you want is to spend money on a botched job. You need the right kind of methodology and material so you can get the job right.  

    In a consultation, you will speak with the contractor and explain what you need. You have to tell him your goals. From there, the contractor will assess the best solution for you. He can teach your staff how to do it.

    Another possible approach is to have the contractor do the job. From there, your employees will watch. Essentially, the contractor will be the one to design the processes and choose the materials. And then, once the process is stable, he will hand it over to your team.  

    Repairs Against Corrosion

    Even if you do not have a new construction site, it is possible that you have some things that are already showing signs of corrosion. Examples of these are large storage tanks.  

    Corrosion is a natural process. It is something that you cannot help. However, you can remedy the problems once they start happening.

    At Australian Construction, we do offer anti-corrosion services. We will assess your issues, and then we will provide the solution. We can provide new industrial coatings for your walls, tanks, and other areas in your facility.  

    Summary: Industrial Coatings in Wollongong

    If you are thinking of a service that is not on our list, reach out to us and we will help you. Our phone number is on our website.

    Another option is to use our contact form. Give us as many details as possible. We will review your message, and someone will get back to you shortly.

    The best option is for you to contact us and schedule a meeting. What we can offer you is an ocular visit. If we see your site and speak to you in person, our engineers can make a better assessment of your project. From there, we can provide better recommendations and a more accurate price quote.