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Ballarat Industrial Fabrication

Ballarat Industrial Fabrication

    If you need industrial fabrication in Ballarat, you need to know about the processes that go on behind it. Ballarat is known for its award-winning tourist attractions like Sovereign Hill. As such, there are many business opportunities here and you may need metal fabrication at one point or another.

    We will share with you the process that goes on behind each project. From here, you can prepare yourself before you avail of this service. You will also know what to expect from contractors.

    Planning Phase

    The first stage of the project is the planning phase. Here, we want to understand what metal fabrication is for. It is possible that you need it to develop products. It is also possible that you need machines or metal for structural integrity.

    The planning phase for industrial fabrication in Ballarat will help us know the end goal of the project, how big it is, and what we need to do. This is the stage where we will get all the information that we need to make an assessment. We will also be able to decide how we will go about the project.

    Prototype Phase

    The second step is to create a prototype. Whatever it is, we will present to you a sample. This phase can involve a lot of steps like cutting, drilling, punching holes, and even welding. From here, you will be able to decide if the final output is what you desire or not.

    The kind of prototype will depend on what we agreed upon. If you will take care of the coating and painting, then we will provide you with a raw prototype. If not, then we will provide you with a final finished product as a sample.

    Fabrication Phase

    The third step for industrial fabrication in Ballarat is the actual fabrication. We will start this only if you have approved the prototype. In this phase, we may need to separate the steps.

    For example, the product you need may require different steps like cutting, stripping, and punching. If we cannot do this in a single run or sequence, we will complete each step first before moving into the next one.

    Finally, we can move on to the finishing phase.

    Finishing Phase

    This is the last step where we will apply coating, sanding, and grinding. If the end product you want is stainless, then we can do it for you. If you need us to apply zinc coating, then we will do it in this phase.

    Not all products need finishing, but we recommend that we do it to protect the metal underneath. On some occasions, some clients prefer that they do the finishing themselves. This is alright—it is completely your choice.

    Work with a contractor like us who knows everything about industrial fabrication. That way, you will not have to worry about anything at all. You only have to wait for the delivery of the end products.

    Summary: Industrial Fabrication in Ballarat

    These processes are high-level. There is much more involved once we start working with you. if you have a question, let us know. You can find our phone number on our website. One of our experts will speak with you and provide you with the clarity that you need.

    If you need a price quote, you can also do this via a phone call, or you can use our form. The form is also on our website. Just give us as many details as you could, and we will take it from there.

    The best option that we offer is a personal meeting. Our leaders and engineers will pay you a visit. If we do this, we can better understand your metal fabrication needs.