Top Tier Industrial Fabrication Services In Bunbury

Bunbury Industrial Fabrication

Bunbury Industrial Fabrication

    Bunbury is a great city where tourists flock every year. You need industrial fabrication in Bunbury if you are operating a business, especially so if you want your business to look different.

    But what services can you expect from a contractor of industrial fabrication? Today, we will provide you with several examples. After reading this, we are hoping that you have learned how a contractor of industrial fabrication can help you achieve your business goals.


    This is the most common kind of metal fabrication service that you can get. In this process, we cut the sheets of metal to the desired measurement. We can cut in in half, thirds, or even a quarter. As you know, there are also many types of metals that come out in standard measurements like metal bars. We can cut these into your desired sizes.


    Sometimes, for industrial fabrication in Bunbury, we need to fold metal to create a structure. Folding metal is a tough thing to do. You need heavy machines to do this. What we do here is we fold the metal into a certain angle that our clients want. After folding, we can also cut the excess and then deliver only the specific folded final product.


    This is something you often see in a small shop, but large companies like us also do this. There are different types of welding, and we use advanced technologies to make sure that the end product is sturdy. Welding is basically a process of putting two metals together.  


    This is a process where we remove parts of a metal. For example, some metal products are thick, and you want to shape them in a specific way. We do this with a machine called a lathe. It is a similar machine that people use in wood turning. Machining also involves drilling—it is the process of putting holes in the metal for whatever purpose it may serve.


    This is the process of putting holes in the metal. However, it is a little different from drilling. When we punch a hole, we use a single motion that has high pressure to create a hole. To do this right, we put metal under a die, and the machine will do its job. Most of the time, we do this for products where there is a need to fasten another type of material to the metal, such as hard plastic or leather.  


    The last example that we have for industrial fabrication in Bunbury is shearing. It is a process where we do long cuts. In this process, we feed the metal in a machine. The machine cuts the metal as the feed puts the metal continuously in its “teeth” or cutter. After trimming, we will then deliver the metal pieces to a factory. An example of the end product of metal is moulding for walls 

    Summary: Industrial Fabrication in Bunbury

    The things we mentioned here are merely examples, but in no way do they comprise an exhaustive list. If you have a question, give us a call. You can find our phone number on our website. One of our experts is on standby to hear from you.

    You can also get a price quote for your project. Just use the contact form on our website and give us your project details. We will assess it and respond to you as soon as possible.

    The best option that we offer is an ocular visit or inspection. We would love to speak to you in person and understand what you need. If we can see your place, store or manufacturing plant, we would have a better idea of how to serve you.