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Launceston Industrial Fabrication

Launceston Industrial Fabrication

    Do you need industrial fabrication in Launceston? A popular city, Launceston is known for its sea horses and sea dragons. A lot of tourists come here to see the breeding farms. As such, there is an opportunity to fabricate things either for souvenirs or for other things.

    But what can you expect from these contractors? When we say fabrication, the first thing that comes to mind is metal. However, this has already changed. To give you an idea of what an industrial fabricator does, we will tell you about the materials that they work on.

    1. Metal

    The most common material that contractors for industrial fabrication in Launceston fabricate is metal. We have the machines and capability to shape metal into any object you want. If you do not know by now, metal is manufactured in plants. They come in standard sizes, lengths, and thickness.

    However, these standards may not fit your project. You need a metal fabricator to cut the sheets, fold the metal pipes, and even let the metal so you could pour them into moulds.

    Metal is strong, and this is why it is the preferred material for construction and other things. You can also use metal to manufacture toys, baking materials, appliances, and so much more.

    Also, there are many types of metal. Not everything is of the same grade. An industrial fabricator like us can help you understand the grading system. We can also recommend the kind that will best fit your project. Just give us a call if you need to know more.

    2. Wood

    Technically, the term for fabricating wood is woodworking. Like metal, wood comes in standard shapes or blocks. You cannot use them as it is for your projects.

    In wood fabrication, the processes are similar to metal. Industrial wood fabricators can cut them, slice them into thinner pieces, and even bend them. There are some species of wood that you can bend after you steam them. These are woods that they convert into furniture.

    Working with wood is tedious. Some use a lathe to create a rounded shape like wooden bowls. After that, a lot of sanding and grinding is needed to produce a really smooth finish. Some wood fabricators concentrate on flooring. In this case, they have to apply a specific finish to bring out the best in the material and to protect it.

    3. Stone

    In industrial fabrication in Launceston, when we say stone, what we actually mean is rock. This includes special kinds of rocks like marble, which fabricators turn into flooring.

    Fabricators also use stones for decorative materials. If you have even seen houses with walls that look like bricks, many of these are not really bricks but rocks. These rocks go through factories where they are cut in the desired sizes.

    When fabricators work with rocks, it is not their goal to produce the same exact pieces. They crush these rocks until they achieve the ideal size for specific projects. They may also use chemicals as a polish to make them look better.

    Summary: Industrial Fabrication in Launceston

    There are many industrial fabrication companies in Australia, including us. If you have a question about this process that we were not able to answer here, give us a call and we will help you out.

    We encourage you to read our blogs about fabrication. There are many things we share with our clients and readers that open new avenues for opportunity and understanding.

    If you need a price quote, use our “request quote” form, which you can find on our website. Give us as many details as you could. Our engineers will assess your project and provide you with a quote shortly.