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    How do you hire a Melbourne industrial fabrication contractor? How do you make sure that you do not lose money and that the quality of products and services you get are top-notch?

    Today, we at Australian Construction will tell you some secrets in hiring a contractor. Specifically, we will focus our attention on metal fabrication—this is something that you need either for your business or your construction site.

    Look for capabilities

    The first thing you have to ask for is the capability of the industrial fabrication contractor. The company you choose must meet your business needs. Not all metal fabricators offer the same product. You have to show the fabricator what you are looking for, and then confirm whether or not they can do it for you.  

    For example, let us say that your project is roofing steel. In this case, you have to work with a contractor who knows architectural fabrication. This is necessary because the design and structural integrity of the roof depends on the contractor. If what you need, however, is parts for cars, then you have to look for an expert contractor for cars.  

    As you can see, metal fabrication comes in different specialties. There are many tools and machines that fabricators use, and one tool may not be the best one used for a specific purpose. When choosing a contractor, speak to them first and tell them what you need before moving on to signing a deal.

    Look for experience

    You also have to check whether the contractor has been around for a while or not. New contractors do not have the same expertise as tenured ones. What this means is that new contractors may make promises that they cannot fulfil, such as meeting deadlines for fabrication.

    It is not enough that the contractor has done a project only once or twice. Look for a contractor who has done a similar project a dozen times. What this entails is that the contractor is not going to make many mistakes in the process. There will also be no delays.

    The metal fabrication industry is complex. Mistakes come not only cost you money, but they can also pose a danger or risk. If the fabricated metal is not strong enough, your building is going to collapse. If

    Choose a contractor like us. We at Australian Construction have been in this business for over 15 years. We have serviced dozens of engineers and clients, and our specialty lies in large-scale industrial fabrication. We have also completed government projects numerous times, along with big commercial establishments.

    What this tells you is that we have extensive experience. We know our trade, and our experience has exposed us to many learning opportunities in the past.

    Look for quality

    This may be a little difficult for you to judge because metals look the same. At best, you need an engineer to be with you because an engineer understands metal fabrication.

    Quality is of utmost importance in this industry. The steel bars that are fabricated will support a building. If they are weak, they will eventually crumble because of the weight. if this happens, you have a serious liability waiting in your hands.

    Ask the contractor what processes they use or follow to fabricate the metal. An engineer will know that there is a difference in the tempering processes of steel. There is also a difference between stainless steel and normal ones.

    You also have to ask what kinds of materials are used in the fabrication. A contractor who knows his trade will not have issues explaining what material is used. A good contractor will also be able to explain in layman’s terms what the steel and can and cannot do.

    If the contractor cannot explain these things, then they are not experts. You have to walk away. If you call us now and speak to one of our engineers, you will be amazed at the level of knowledge that they have.

    Look for license and insurance

    The last on our list of things you have to look for from a contractor is the license to operate. Without this, the contractor is not a legitimate business.

    The license is something that is granted by the government. Only a legitimate business can have this. Why is this important? A license is important because it is an indication that the company you are working with is qualified for this job.

    The government has many rules and policies that regulate businesses. A licensed contractor means that they passed these requirements.

    At Australian Construction, we have a business license to operate as metal fabricators. Apart from that, our engineers have individual licenses of their own.

    If a contractor is licensed, there is a chance that the same company is bonded and insured. The bond is a guarantee that if they did not finish the project, you will get your money back.

    There is also an insurance policy for licensed contractors. As you know, accidents can happen. And if they do, the last thing that you want is to have a liability. Only work with a licensed contractor—this is the only way to protect yourself and your investment.

    Summary: Melbourne Industrial Fabrication Contractor

    Do not rush the hiring process. What we strongly recommend is that you shop for a contractor, and then match their qualifications against the checklist that we provided.

    Once you have made several phone calls, it is time to choose two or three contractors as part of your shortlist. From there, will make a decision according to how much the contractor will charge and if the service is commensurate to the price.

    Give us a call now at Australian Construction. One of our engineers will speak with you and schedule a meeting. We can discuss your needs and we will show you the things that we can do. From there, we can talk about what you want us to do, what the scope of your project is, and then we will provide you with a project quote soon after.