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Bendigo Industrial Painters

Bendigo Industrial Painters

    Why do you need industrial painters in Bendigo? Is there a difference between that and a regular paint contractor?

    Yes, there is. You need industrial painters for industrial paint jobs. Today, we at Australian Construction will share with you an important piece of information—the differences between these two types of contractors.

    In the end, you will be able to assess which type of contractor you need. This should help you save time and money and make an informed business decision to help you meet your goals.  

    Commercial Versus industrial Painting

    Commercial painting is like residential painting. The end result that you are looking for is a paint job for a structure that looks nice. Industrial painters in Bendigo use it in apartments and retail spaces—like food kiosks. For commercial painting, we expect high traffic.

    Industrial painting, on the other hand, has a different purpose. Its main function is to protect something. Aesthetic quality only comes as a second priority. In this type of paint job, we work on man things that the public does not typically see, an example of which is a pipe underwater.

    The ultimate goal of industrial painting is to improve the longevity of the material. To do this, the kind of paint we use must be able to withstand elements such as extreme weather, heat, and corrosion.

    What are industrial painting projects? 

    Since the main purpose of this paint job is durability, it typically involves projects for manufacturing or large-scale enterprises.

    Here are some of the services you can expect:

    • Manufacturing buildings
    • Warehouse ceilings
    • Line striping
    • Tank Coatings
    • Speciality equipment
    • Piping systems
    • Power Plants
    • Speciality coatings
    • Steel structures
    • Rust treatment
    • Epoxy floor systems
    • Expansion joint repair
    • Waterproof coatings
    • Abrasive blasting
    • Surface Preparation
    • Concrete coatings
    • Natural Gas Facilities
    • Lead Abatement

    As you can see, these are not your typical paint jobs. Industrial painters are also the ones you need to paint boats, aeroplanes, cars, etc.

    Industrial painters also have to comply with a lot of regulations. For one, the contractor needs to have a license. The contractor also needs a business permit to operate.

    Here are some more:

    • Certification of staff
    • Must pass an in-house training program
    • Knowledge about safety plans
    • Understanding of health risks

    Industrial painting is a complicated process. It involves many other chemicals that you typically do not use in residential paint jobs.

    Why hire Australian Construction? 

    We have been in this business for over 20 years. This tenure gives us the experience that we need to get this job done right. Our company has a license, and we have exposure to many types of jobs in the construction industry.

    Over the years, we have also expanded our business in many areas of construction. We do demolition, floor preparation, renovation, and many more. If you hire us, we can provide several services to you, and you no longer have to speak to several contractors.

    We also have a positive reputation. This is what made us work with clients all over Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, and many more other cities.  

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Bendigo

    Industrial painters are what you need for large-scale projects, manufacturing processes, and structural materials. If you have any question, we strongly encourage you to give us a call. You can find our phone number on our website.

    If you need a price quote for industrial painting, you can use our contact form. In the form, give us as many details about the job as you could. We will assess that information and give you a price quote.

    The best option is to schedule a meeting with us. We would love to see your project site or plan. If we can do this, we will be able to assess the project better.