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Bundaberg Industrial Painters

Bundaberg Industrial Painters

    Yes, it is different. You need industrial painters in Bundaberg if you have a manufacturing process, a warehouse, a store, or a government project. As industrial painters, we use different paints, formulas, and chemical to get the job done.

    The primary purpose of industrial paint is to protect the substrate, and aesthetics only come second. Today, we will show you several differences between industrial and residential paint jobs. This information will help you understand why the cost is also different.

    Industrial paint protects

    One of the problem areas in all structures and materials is corrosion. Metals corrode, and you do not want this to happen. Weathering is also a concern, along with rust and exposure to other elements.

    Industrial paint is what will help you prevent this from happening. For one, there is a type of industrial paint that we call polyurethane. We use this paint as a final layer or coating because it can resist abrasion.

    There are also paints that use alkyd. This is what we use to paint ships and other materials that stay underwater for a long time. They can resist rust and the material inside will not get so easily damaged.

    There are also paints that can resist extreme temperature. An example of this epoxy, and we typically use this for materials that you will expose under the sun or in extreme heat, such as ovens.

    Industrial paint is fireproof

    Not all types of industrial paints are fireproof, but there are many brands that manufacture this. We use this paint for areas that are prone to fire, like manufacturing plants that use extreme heat, such as factories that cook food, or those that melt metal and things like that.

    This kind of paint has in-tumescent properties. If they get exposed to heat, they burst and create a mist, thus preventing the fire from spreading out. Another type releases steam which also suppresses the fire. There is another type that we call hard char, and this one uses sodium silicates that create a firewall.

    Industrial paint conserves energy

    There are industrial paints that also act as insulation. These coatings provide room for you to improve energy consumption. There are large-scale facilities that need a significant amount of cooling. A cool temperature keeps employees comfortable.

    This cooling ensures that your machinery is in optimal temperatures. Air conditioners are great, but they are expensive. Also, air conditioners produce carbon since you are burning fuel, or you use electricity.  

    As you can see, owners of buildings have different need. The same thing goes for ting we use in large-scale industries like cables underwater, pipes underwater, storage tanks, and many more.

    You cannot use regular paints for these job types—they will not last long because they are exposed to extreme conditions. As such, you really need the assistance of industrial painters—people who know which types of paints to use in specific conditions.

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Bundaberg

    The goal of industrial painters in Bundaberg like us is to coat the surface and protect it from various elements. You need our services if you are manufacturing ships, cars, or if you are building a plant, warehouse, or dams and roads.

    There are many applications for industrial paint. If you want to know more or if you have questions, let us know and we will work with you. Our phone number is at the top of our page.

    Now, if you need a price quote, use our contact form and give us the details of your project. We will assess it from here and our engineers will respond to you shortly.