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Canberra Industrial Painters

Canberra Industrial Painters

    Do you really need industrial painters in Canberra? Yes, but this really depends on your project. For houses, there is no need for industrial painters—normal paint contractors will do.

    Today, we will share with you several things that you need to know about this industry. In the end, you will know what industrial painters do and what the benefits are.

    What is industrial painting?

    To start with, we need to provide you with a clear idea of what industrial painting is. Industrial painting is a process of painting structures. It can also mean painting manufactured products. A good example is a car—painting cars in the factory is a kind of industrial painting process.  

    Painting the inside and the floor of the building also requires the specialisation of industrial painters. For example, we can use epoxy resin on the floor, or a kind of paint that is only used in large-scale factories.

    We typically do not use regular paint. Industrial painting entails mixing special kinds of chemicals to achieve the quality that you are looking for.  

    As such, there are some specific things that you need from a contractor. These are: 

    • Knowledge about different paints, chemicals, and painting methods
    • Experience in industrial painting
    • Skill in mixing formulas
    • Ability to spot defects and fix them

    Industrial painting is not as simple as getting a brush and then painting. It requires a special blend of chemicals and processes that regulate temperature. This is why the painting of your refrigerator or billiard balls is different from the result of regular paint.  

    Benefits of Industrial Painting

    So, why do we need to do this? Are there benefits that we can expect? Why do you need industrial painters in Canberra?

    • Durability – the main benefit of getting an industrial paint job is durability. The chemical we use is different. We have processes that make the paint stick better and last longer. We also know how to mix paint that makes it resistant to weather, corrosion, etc.
    • Speed and effectiveness – we have machines that help us do our painting for us. We do not just paint by hand. For example, pedestrian lanes do not get painted by hand. We use some kind of cart that pours that paint in an efficient and effective manner.
    • Technology – we use systems like airless sprays. We use different kinds of machines that will yield effective results. We can control pressure, temperature, and many more things.

    As you can see, there is a benefit to hiring an industrial painter. Since you will paint a product or a structure, it does not make sense to use regular paint.

    Lastly, the cost is your ultimate benefit. If you use regular paint, it is not going to last. You will find yourself going through another paint job, which means you have to spend more money. If you hire an industrial contractor, it can take decades before you repaint your building.

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Canberra

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