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Central Coast Industrial Painters

Central Coast Industrial Painters

    Before you sign a contract with industrial painters on the Central Coast. It makes sense that you first try to understand what they do, or what we do. Industrial paint jobs are different from a typical one, and knowing what we do can help you make a better decision.

    What we will discuss today is a primer on what we do. If you have a general perspective of what services we offer, you will know if this is the right service for you.

    What do we do as industrial painters on the Central Coast? 

    Industrial painting is not a standard painting process. It has the elements of durability, and we use different chemicals to make this happen. Industrial painting is what we use for floors, walls, and manufactured materials.

    Here are some benefits of the process:

    • Reduces the likelihood of corrosion
    • It has better aesthetic appeal than common paint
    • Has the capability to resist different elements

    Again, this process is not the same as what we use for house painting. Houses also do not require as much preparation as industrial projects.  

    What processes are involved in industrial painting?

    A successful project requires a process. We do not simply get a bucket of paint and apply it. In this section, we will provide basic information about the processes that we follow as industrial painters on the Central Coast.


    The first step to a successful paint job is to plan. We need to know what substrate we are painting, how big, what it will be used for, and more.

    From this assessment, we will find out what kind of paint we need. If the project is complicated, we may need extra time to experiment on how best we can mix different chemicals to deliver the best output.

    To be able to do this, we need to discuss your project in person. It is better this way to avoid misunderstandings.  

    Project Preparation

    Now that we have a plan, the next step is to prepare. This includes mixing the paint, cleaning the area, and other things.

    For one, we need to prepare the substrate. Different materials need different types of preparation. For example, concrete floors may need grinding activities. We also need to scrub the substrate and apply chemicals that will help the paint adhere.

    Application of paint

    The last step of the application is to apply the paint. It is also the most critical. As mentioned earlier, industrial painting is different from ordinary painting.

    The paint that we use has to be carefully selected. We first need to know the level of exposure of the material. We use different paints for interior and exterior finishes, and we also use different primers.

    Industrial paint jobs also require special tools. For example, we use machine applicators for painting pedestrian lanes. We at Australian Construction have all the equipment that we need—we do not have dependencies on renting these tools from other people.  

    Summary: Industrial Painters on the Central Coast

    If you think you need this kind of service, we recommend that you give us a call. If you have a question, we will help you out and provide clarity. Our phone number is on our website.

    Now, if what you need is a price quote for our services, you can also do that. Use our contact form and provide us with the details of your project. One of our engineers will assess these details and provide you with a price range.

    We encourage you to schedule a meeting with us. We will do an ocular inspection, and we can better assess the project and give you a complete plan.