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Coffs Harbour Industrial Painters

Coffs Harbour Industrial Painters

    Typically, you hire industrial painters in Coffs Harbour to perform a complete end-to-end painting. But what services do they actually offer? If you know what these are, it is possible that you negotiate just a few aspects of the job and not all of it.

    This is what we will discuss with you today. We will be providing you with a list of the services that we offer as far as industrial painting is concerned.


    Before we can paint some substrates, we need to use abrasive methods to remove any impurities or old paint. This process is called sandblasting. What happens is that we blast the sand under high pressure.

    We at Australian Construction have a license to perform sandblasting processes. And once we are done with this, we can start the rest by smoothing the surface, applying the primer, and then painting the structure.

    Sandblasting is best done in a controlled environment. If we need to do it outside, we have special tools that will allow us to execute the process.  

    Chemical Stripping

    This is a process that industrial painters in Coffs Harbour use to remove old paint. After many years, the old paint will look faded. Instead of just putting on another layer, we recommend that we trip the old paint and start anew. 

    You need chemicals to do this. We will apply the chemical to the substrate, and then wait until the paint peels off. We typically only do this for metals, but there are also chemicals that we can use for concrete. 

    Paint stripping is a process that we commonly offer for restoration projects. This is a great option if you really want the paint to last. 

    Industrial Flooring System

    Whether you have a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, there are paints that industrial painters in Coffs Harbour can use to make the floor appropriate for your business. For example, we can use urethane cement on the floor. We can also use epoxy resin for your flooring. 

    Here are some examples of where we can apply this service: 

    • Manufacturing plants
    • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Big box stores

    The paint we use is one that is ideal for floors. It does not strip away easily, and it can handle a lot of stress and abrasion from foot traffic. 

    Lead Paint Renovation

    This is a service we do if the old paint in your facility has lead in it. As you know, lead is a toxic material that can cause all sorts of illnesses. It is dangerous, and the best thing to do is to strip it away and repaint the substrate. 

    However, you have to leave this to professionals. Do not do it yourself. There is a proper process to remove this kind of paint, and also a proper way to dispose of it. 

    Lead is typically found in old houses and apartments. You can also find it in old warehouses. If you bought a property that is old, consult us so we can find out if is painted with lead or not. 

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Coffs Harbour

    These are the most common services that you can expect. However, there is more than meets the eye. If you need a service that we did not list here, do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our experts will speak to you about it.

    If you need a price quote for a particular service or industrial painting in general, use our “request quote” form. Give us the details of your project and we will assess it. After that, expect a message from us.

    What we strongly recommend is that you call us, and we schedule a meeting with you in person. This way, we can visit your site and perform an ocular inspection.