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Tips In Choosing Gold Coast Industrial Painters

    How do you choose Gold Coast industrial painters? Today, we will let you in on some secrets. We will show you the things that you have to consider when choosing a Gold Coast industrial painter contractor.

    Industrial painting is not like your typical paint job. It is not like painting a house. There is so much that goes on into the surface preparation, floor preparation, and many other others. This is why we here at Australian Construction take this job seriously.

    Defining the Expectations

    One thing that always goes wrong is expectations. The client expects one thing, and the contractor did another thing. The end result is a failure.

    Defining the expected output is crucial to any kind of contractor job. What this means is that if you expect an epoxy finish, it has to be stated in the contract that epoxy is going to be used for the paint job.

    If there are damage repairs or if the project is about restoration, this has to be discussed in detail. Ideally, you should know the expected output of the project. For example, you should be told what kind of finish should be used—is it acrylic or enamel?

    You should also be told why such material is being suggested, and how long it is expected to last. You should also know what kind of chemicals are being used in the finishing process. Will the contractor use putty, and what kind of solvent is being used?  

    Overall, you should know and understand what is happening, what the final output is, and what steps you will take to care for the paint job post painting.

    Budget and Scope of Work

    There is no single answer to a budget. Different contractors offer different prices, and this does not only depend on the scope of work but also in the materials used.

    We at Australian Construction will give you a fair price, and we will also explain why we are giving you this price. Our proposal will include the tasks that we will perform on your site.

    As far as the scope of work is concerned, you have to ask the contractor for the coverage of the paint job. If what you want is to paint the walls and flooring, then this has to be indicated in the initial consultation.

    You also need to ask the contractor if they will do the clean-up. Industrial paint jobs are messy, so make sure that the contractor will hand over the facility to you in pristine condition, ready for you to occupy.

    For low budget jobs, look for contractors who are willing to work within your price range, like us. If your budget is lower than our quoted price, we can work with that, but we will be transparent to the reduction of materials and processes in the paint job.

    Standards and Reputation

    Do not work with Gold Coast industrial painters who have no positive reputation. Choose companies like us that have been around for many years.

    If you give us a call or visit our office, we can provide you examples of sites that we worked on. You can go to those sites and check the quality of our work.

    You can even ask our previous clients for a referral or commendation, assuring you the confidence you seek in selecting a company with a noticeable track record and great reputation.

    Next, make sure that the contractor you work with has high standards. But how will you know this? Apart from visiting sites that the contractor worked on, you can ask the contractor for a license.

    We at Australian Construction have a license from the government. This is what allows us to work not only in the Gold Coast but in other areas, too, like Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, and many others.

    As a licensed company, we are mandated by the government to put our employees in training, which we do consistently. We upgrade the skills of our employees, and they are also licensed painters in various industries.

    As a licensed contractor, we know how chemicals work, and we use this knowledge to keep you safe. For example, we only use paint and other materials that do not contain lead.

    Timeline and Project Completion

    While paint takes only a few days to dry, it is the substrate preparation that takes a long while. To choose a contractor, what you have to do is to ensure that the contractor tells you a range of dates when you can use the facility.

    We at Australian Construction will include this in our discussion. We understand that you have a business to operate, and so we will calculate carefully how long it will take to finish the job. We can also discuss project milestones, and we can report our progress to you on a regular basis.

    We value our clients, and we put their interests before ours. It is important to use a business that operates quickly and efficiently but also takes pride and integrity in their work.

    Speed, budget and time-frame should not compromise on quality of work. We will let you know how long each process takes—we are willing to negotiate and adjust the time-lines, but we will be transparent about the consequences of making changes in the plans.

    Summary: Gold Coast Industrial Painters

    Follow our tips when choosing Gold Coast industrial painters. Not only will you get the best paint job results, but you will also get the best value for your money.

    Better yet, give us a call and we will work with you and give you the best bang for your buck. We at Australian Construction have been around for more than two decades, we have worked on dozens upon dozens of Gold Coast industrial painting jobs.

    We will visit your location and take some measurements. This way, we can assess the scope of the job and give you a fair quote. This will also allow us to tell you how long the project will take. Remember, if you need painting contractors, call us at Australian Construction.