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Launceston Industrial Painters

Launceston Industrial Painters

    If you hire industrial painters in Launceston, you may be surprised that they have different methods of application. They may use rollers—something that you did not expect. Do not worry, the painters know what they are doing.

    This is what we will share with you today—the different forms of industrial paint application. Industrial painting has gone diverse over a period of time. Many types of paints are available to us now, and these chemicals require a specific kind of application to make them work.


    The most common method is to use paint rollers. It is easy to use, and this is the most preferred for industrial and even residential painting projects.

    One advantage of using a roller is it offers an even application. It is efficient and has flexible uses. You can use rollers on any flat surface.

    Rollers, however, are not effective on cylindrical products or things like pipes. They are best used on floors and walls. Also, they are not effective in coverage gaps. On top of that, you cannot use rollers on textured surfaces like walls with decorative patterns.


    All painters use a paintbrush in spots that are hard to reach. Brushes are also great paint applicators for corners.

    One great advantage of the brush is that it covers a wide range of areas. It can cover gaps that rollers cannot do. Brushes, however, are not efficient. It takes so many strokes to paint a project with it. It is only a good choice if you are painting small areas or things that are not flat.

    Air Spray

    Air spray is a commonly used method of application for the manufacturing industry. An example is car parts. Compressed air is used to spray the liquid to the product.

    One great advantage of spray paint that industrial painters in Launceston like is that it provides a smooth finish. It is also more efficient than rollers and paintbrushes.

    There are different types of air spraying methods. These are:

    • Common– this is a method where you need a traditional air gun. Air blends with the liquid paint and creates a mist.
    • Electrostatic – this technology charges the paint particles with high voltage. This process makes the paint get attracted to the surface. As a result, it provides a smooth finish.
    • Airless – this method does not compress air. It atomises the paint at high pressure. We typically use this in large-scale projects because it is more efficient. It can also deliver thicker coats.  

    Air sprays are versatile. You can use them on walls, toys, and other products. However, they are not a good choice for spraying on floors.

    Dip Coating

    This is a process where you dip the entire material in a pool of paint. A good example is bowling balls and toys. Dip coating is a specialised method of coating.

    After dipping, some manufacturers have to move the product into a kiln or oven. The temperature is controlled, and this allows the products to dry evenly.

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Launceston

    On some occasions, you may see machines applying the paint. A good example of this is when painters are working on pedestrian lanes. As you can see, our list here is not exhaustive. If you have a question, do let us know and we will help you out.

    For projects, you can call us or use our “request quote” form. Give us the details of your project and we will assess your plans. From there, we will provide you with a price quote. It’d be better if you schedule a meeting with us. We will do an ocular inspection to see the project site.