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Mackay Industrial Painters

Mackay Industrial Painters

    Industrial painters in Mackay are not like residential painters. They do not just get a bucket of paint and brush. A lot of work goes into the painting process itself, including the preparation of the substrate.

    We will discuss today what industrial painters do. This should give you an idea of what to expect should you hire a group. With this knowledge, you can conduct interviews and assess if the contractor you are looking forward to hiring is good or not.

    Clean and Prepare Surfaces

    The first duty of industrial painters in Mackay is to clean the substrate. There is no single standard for this, as it depends on the material. For example, a concrete floor has to be ground and sanded, while walls merely need sanding.

    We use different chemicals to prepare the substrate. These chemicals remove dirt, debris, and oil. A clean surface makes it easier for the paint to adhere.

    For some projects, we use blasters. We also use masking chemical rinses, and more. In the end, the ultimate goal here is to make the surface ready for the application of the primer.

    Paint Preparation

    If you go to a big box store, you will see that there are many kinds of paints. Most of these are for residential use. Most industrial paints are not available in commercial stores.

    Our duty is to prepare the paint according to your project. We also need to understand the level of exposure of the material. The kind of paint will depend on how the painted surface will be put to use.

    Once we have this information, we will know how to mix the paint and what type to use. For example, there are paints that have high resistance to abrasion. On the other hand, there are paints that work well underwater, and then there are those that work best under sun exposure.

    Cleaning Up

    A paint job is messy. After applying the paint, industrial painters in Mackay have to make sure that the area is free from foot traffic. We go through a lot of preparation before we apply the paint, and we need to protect it from elements as the paint dries.

    Clean up is a part of the process. It is not unusual for the paint to get spilled or splatter. This is why we use masking and plastics to cover areas that do not need painting.

    Tips for hiring a contractor

    Before you hire a contractor, make sure that you ask about their duties. Make sure that thy will:

    • Clean the substrate
    • Prepare the substrate
    • Use the right primer
    • Mix a special paint for your project
    • Clean up the mess after painting

    You can only get a complete service from a professional. Only hire a contractor that has a license. This is your guarantee that you are dealing with a legitimate operator.

    As you can see, the construction industry is a regulated one. Work with a licensed contractor because it means that they passed all government expectations. They have a business permit to operate, and they will not do a botched job.

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Mackay

    There are so many things that go on in the industrial painting business. The surface preparation alone has many techniques, and the process depends on the substrate. Should you have a question, just give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

    If you have a project and you need a price quote, we can discuss that over the phone. You can also use the “request quote” form on our website. Give us the details of your project, and we will assess it from here. Our engineer will be in contact with you shortly.