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Melbourne Industrial Painters: Advantages Of Working With Us

    One of the most significant processes that go by side by side with construction is industrial painting. Melbourne industrial painters are around to help you improve your site’s external appearance. It also adds physical durability to an infrastructure, which makes it different from the regular.

    Our team at Australian Construction offers this process. We greatly believe that this should be considered in whatever project is being worked on.

    Today, we’re going to talk about the basics of industrial painting, and what our service can provide you with. After reading, you can expect to decide whether our company will be a good fit for you.

    What is industrial painting?

    Industrial painting is a process that involves the application of paint on designated surfaces. Although this is commonly confused with the normal process of painting, they have a lot of differences. As such, the former follows a thorough process while the latter is completed in just one step.

    Here are some of the advantages that come along with the said process.

    1. Provides Infrastructure with Individuality

    The most evident pro of industrial painting is its effect on an infrastructure’s appearance. As there are millions of colours and unique designs to choose from, this can make it easier for owners to build their brand and make it recognised among those who can see the facilities.

    2. Controls Formation of Corrosion

    Corrosion refers to the minimal but long-lasting destruction of those made of metal and/or stone. This can also point to rust. Having paint installed also controls the level of corrosion that surface experiences. 

    Although all things eventually fall weak with time and corrosion,having the right paint can reduce the daily impact of this. This results in longer lasting surfaces.

    3. Enables Facilities to Withstand Threats

    Certain threats make it almost impossible for infrastructures to not bear any damage. These threats include the constant weather change, temperature, and other natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes. Believe it or not, industrial painting helps build a building’s durability to at least reduce the damages caused by these.

    The process of industrial painting requires a lot of skills and tasks, all of which are assumed to be done by our contractors. The skills needed are all relating to paint and the art of formula mixing.

    In the next sections, we are going to walk you through on the responsibilities of an industrial painter. Note that these will be done only after a plan is given.

    What is Surface Prepping?

    The first task on our list involves the preparation of the surface/s that needs to be painted. In general, there are two processes under this:

    1. Removal of Existing Paint

    Existing paint will be removed before the application process to prevent it from being a hindrance. If this is left installed, there is a high possibility to encounter bald spots or discoloured areas which are not too pleasing to look at.

    Keep in mind that this will only be done if the project involves old constructions or those that have already painted surfaces. This won’t probably be needed when it comes to newly built infrastructures.

    2. Intensive Cleaning Process

    This, on the other hand, will be done on all types of infrastructures. Here, the surface/s will be washed, brushed, and will be free from webs, debris, and dirt. Intact items will also be removed to ensure a more seamless painting process.

    Preparing the surface beforehand will make it easier for contractors to even out the application of paint without having to worry about missing a spot.

    Preparation of Painting Materials

    For the second task, we are required to prepare all the painting materials that are required to finish the project. This may include resources like specific paint colours, the needed brush sizes, thinner, mixers, and some pieces of recycled paper to avoid staining other parts. This task brings a lot of advantages to the project. 

    Below are some:

    1. Shortens Required Time for Completion

    Having all the resources at once makes it easier for the contractors to complete the needed work. In this way, it will get more done in a shorter time compared to having to obtain materials on the spot. This can also help those projects that are working under a deadline.

    2. Helps Keep Track of Requirements

    This task also helps our team keep track of the project’s necessities. It will help us determine if we lack a certain material or we will come short in the middle of the painting process. This eliminates the worry of delay and inconvenience.

    The time-frame of the project is the factor greatly affected by this task. This will greatly help both our contractors and clients in finishing the agreed project.

    3. Application Process

    After all the preparation tasks are done, the next thing on our list revolves around the application process. This is where the layers will take place. In normal projects, this means those that have no special requirements, three layers are needed. 

    These are:


    The first layer to be applied is the primer. This process is called priming and is done to provide the base undercoat for the surface. The purpose of this is to make the saturation of the next layer pop off. Without this, colours may look dull, or worse, not take effect at all.

    The primer’s colour is usually white, or on the palette of natural tones.

    Pre-Finishing Paint

    For the second layer, we have the pre-finishing paint. This is the regular paint that we see on the daily basis. This comes in different colours, depending on the client’s requirement.

    Finishing Coat

    Lastly, the finishing coat, also known as the protective coat, will serve as the layer that will prevent threats from invading the first two layers. This comes in gloss and matte.

    The application process also involves formula mixing to achieve certain designs and textures.

    Summary: Melbourne Industrial Painters

    Industrial painting is worth considering in whatever project you may have at hand. This is a versatile process that applies to the smallest of projects to the largest. This is both a lengthy and needy process but its results are one of a kind.

    Australian Construction sees to it that all the requirements of the process and our clients will be met. For other concerns, feel free to call us or send us a message. We will be more than happy to guide you on the things that you need to know.