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Newcastle Industrial Painters: What Do We Do?

    Newcastle Industrial painters are around, and they come side by side with every construction project. This is a good way, if not the best, to provide your infrastructure with both aesthetic appeal and increased surface durability. This is also a versatile process which is applicable to almost every facility.

    Now, if you are looking for someone credible to perform the process for you, our team at Australian Construction will be the best choice. 

    To support our claim, we’re going to walk you through on the basics of industrial painting. We will also discuss the services that you can expect once a project is up.

    What is industrial painting?

    First off, let us talk about what industrial painting is all about. To simply put it, industrial painting is a process that involves painting the surfaces of infrastructure, a building, a leisure ground, and the likes. 

    This is practically suitable for any type of project out there. The purpose of doing this is to achieve its desired look and at the same time, protect it from certain threats.

    Here are some of the advantages of the said process:

    1. Controls Corrosion

    Corrosion is one of the most common problems that surfaces run into. This is especially true for those made of steel or stone. With industrial painting, these can be prevented, or at the very least, reduce its formation. Rust is also included in the said corrosion control.

    2. Improves Building’s Status

    The process also improves the general condition of the building. Because its advantages specifically target the construction’s surfaces, it is evident that its overall quality will be positively impacted.

    3. Provides Protection

    Painted surfaces will also be protected from certain threats. These threats include the constant change in weather, temperature, cracks, etc. Due to this, it is very likely that those that have undergone industrial painting will have a longer life compared to bare surfaces.

    4. Enhances Physical Appearance

    Of course, the construction’s look will be able to perform its own individuality. There are countless colours possible in industrial painting, and designs can even be installed. This way, you can say goodbye to plain and boring cement walls and a welcome pop of colour.

    Here at Australian Construction, our contractors are equipped with all the necessary skills and experiences to make sure that your project can experience each benefit and more.

    In the next sections, we are going to talk about the tasks relating to our painting services. Note that they are arranged according to when they are done. We will also proceed with this only when a plan is already made.

    Surface Preparation

    The first thing that is done by our team pre-project is to prepare the surface for painting. This involves the following responsibilities:

    1. Old Paint Removal

    Old or part paint remains will be removed so it can’t hinder the results of the new paint installation. This will only be needed if there is an existing paint on the surfaces which is the case for old infrastructures.

    2. Cleaning

    Cleaning is also vital in order to make the process more efficient. Our painters will take initiative in eliminating all the dirt, dust particles, cobwebs, torn-out stickers, and other random items that can affect the process.

    This is important because if the assigned surfaces are not ready beforehand, the results may not be as desirable as the client’s expectations.

    Paint and Equipment Prepping

    The next step on our list is another preparation task. 

    You’re probably wondering why all of these should be ready even if the project is not yet starting. Here are some reasons why this is significant:

    1. Increases Productivity

    Our contractors will get more done if we have all the resources ready at hand. This will lead to an increase in our productivity, and consequently, a shorter project duration. This means that our clients can expect that we will finish the assigned work earlier than the given deadline.

    2. Crucial for Inventory Tracking

    This will also help our team avoid any resource shortage which can be inconvenient for our clients. We prepare our types of equipment to make sure that we will have enough to finish the painting without having delays in the due date.

    To be specific, the things that we have to prepare include, but are not limited to, paints, brushes, mixers, and thinners.

    Application Process

    The third of our check-list is the application process. This is the part wherein the actual painting application will be done. 

    By default, there are three layers that are needed to be applied:

    1. Primer

    Priming is the process that involves the application of the primer. This will serve as the preparatory paint that will ensure better saturation of the required paint colour by cancelling out the surface’s current colour. This is usually a quick-drying white paint.

    2. Pre-Finishing Paint

    The pre-finishing paint refers to the ordinary paint that will give the client’s required colour. There is no limit as to what type of colour can be chosen, and this fully depends on the client.

    3. Finishing Coat

    Finally, the finishing coat will protect the colour’s vibrancy. This will prevent it from peeling off or being scratched. In common cases, this is a gloss, or a matte, transparent coat. Note that the above layers are still subject to change because we still have to analyse the current condition of the project and what it may need.

    Outcome Review

    We give great importance to how our client/s will react to our work so we strive to give the highest quality of services that we can offer. To do this, we conduct an outcome review after every task to ensure that no mistakes are made or important aspects left out.

    Rest assured that if even the smallest flaw is detected, we will take care of it, and fix the affected surfaces.

    Summary: Newcastle Industrial Painters

    Industrial painting is not necessary, but it should definitely be considered because of its overwhelming benefits. This includes a lot of processes and time, but its results are worth waiting for.

    Our team at Australian Construction consists of experienced contractors that you can trust to do the job for you. You can contact us by calling us on our phone number or sending us a message for any concerns that you may have. We can also discuss the project there, or we can discuss the possible dates for site visits.